Disneyland Dumbo Review (2006)

The Ride:

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a Fantasyland attraction that is hugely popular. This attraction has a central area with 'arms' extended, each having a Dumbo on the end. Timothy Mouse is your host for this attraction. Dumbo allows the passengers to raise and lower the ride vehicle by moving a joystick during the ride. When the ride is over, the computer takes control and all of the ride vehicles are lowered, with words from Timothy Mouse telling the passengers to remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop.

Dumbo has been one of the most popular toddler attractions at Disneyland since August, 1955. The beautiful colors and wonderful pipe organ music add to this attraction. While the ride itself is short, that doesn't stop millions of children from flocking there when they first arrive at Disneyland Park.

The Review:

In December of 2006 our son, Alexander rode Dumbo for the first time. Until this trip, he had been afraid to try this high flying attraction, but Daddy finally talked him into his first ride. That one ride was all it took. Alex loved Dumbo. I was disappointed that they make you seat the children on the inside (a safety feature) because it does make taking a picture of a small child very difficult on the ride. But, seeing his smile as he flew through the sky is something I will never forget.

The line for Dumbo tends to get very long quickly, but we did find it moved pretty fast on this trip. The actual ride is about 1 minute 40 seconds or so, but it doesn't seem that short while flying. On chilly days, it can be quite cold flying, and on cold nights it is much worse as we discovered on this cold December trip.

Most amazingly though was the fact that I was able to enjoy Dumbo with my son. With horrible motion sickness I was very worried, but decided to give it a try after we had been there for a few days. With my transdermscope patch and strong determination, Alex and I got in line for Dumbo. It was my first ride with him, and I found it very enjoyable. He was so happy to be in this flying elephant.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a must ride for toddlers! This quickly became one of Alex's favorite rides.

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