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Disney Art is one of my favorite parts of my extensive Disneyana collection. The reason for this could simply be because my Disney Art is all on display, where I can see it every single day. It is also the one part of my collection where my husband has given some input into what he would like to purchase.

The one part of the art collection you will not see here are the lithographs that come with video advance purchases. I have been collecting these for years and have well over 50 lithographs, but they are the one part of my Disney art collection that is not displayed. These items are all packed away for safekeeping.

The pride of my collection of Disney Art is a beautiful Serigraph of Walt Disney sitting on a chair in front of a fire… called The Great Storyteller. Walt is reading the book Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Jiminy Cricket who is sitting on his shoulder, as well as many other characters. The others he reads to include Baloo, who stands at the back of the chair leaning over Walt Disney, Cinderella who is on Walt's right side as is Mickey Mouse. On his left side are Dopey and Winnie the Pooh. There are six Dalmatian puppies, one of which is sleeping on Walt's lap.

In this picture there is also background art. Behind the chair is a picture of Mary Poppins in black and white flying over London. On the left side of the picture is a set of shelves. On the top shelf is a train and the engine is called Casey Car. The second shelf holds a Pinocchio book. A gold Mickey Mouse Statuette and a picture of Thumper stand on the third shelf. Another book the Jungle Book stands on the bottom shelf; next to a picture of Snow White.

To the right of the chair are three pictures. The one on top is of Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. Underneath that picture are one of Tinker Bell and one of Dumbo.

This is a beautiful limited edition serigraph, edition size 2500, purchased in 2003 for $345.00.

Upstairs in our office we have another wonderful limited edition piece of Disney artwork. This one is of Jasmine and Aladdin, called Royal Embrace, with the edge of the matting matching the blue in Jasmine's outfit. The background of this picture is solid white. This wonderful serigraph cell is limited to 5000 copies from 1993.

Our main upstairs hallway holds 4 collector's pieces.

The first is a Mickey and Minnie Hollywood picture. They are holding a map between them with the following points of interest: Beverly Hills, the Santa Monica Pier and the Hollywood sign are immediately noticeable. There is also Donald Duck on the Queen Mary, Pluto in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Goofy playing beach volleyball, and Huey, Dewey and Louie in a limo. Daisy Duck is also in the picture holding a large feather boa. This very detailed work of art is a limited edition sericel, edition size 7500, purchased for $195.00

The remaining three pieces in the hallway are combination art and pins.

The first is a Tinker Bell Model Sheet (titled Tinker Bell Sketches). There are several black and white sketches of Tinker Bell and three pins; all in full color with different poses. This was a limited edition of 7500.

The second is from Epcot's 15th Anniversary and has a very large Epcot pin in the center. Surrounding the large pin are smaller pins for various countries; each pin having the country name and Mickey Mouse. The country's included in this selection are Italy, Mexico and USA on the top. The rows on the sides are Canada and Norway followed by United Kingdom and Germany. Finally the bottom of the piece has the final four pins: Japan, France, Morocco and China. This set is one of only 1000 in a limited edition. We have number 796.

The final piece is a Mickey set from Disney Animation. On this piece there are several drawings of Mickey, some black and white, others with some color; but none in full color. The three pins all depict Mickey Mouse with a cane and hat. The first is pewter, with no color. Mickey is dancing, and his hat is off, and in his hand. The second has color on the head, hands, and shorts. Mickey is dancing, and his hat is off, and in his hand. The final picture has Mickey in full color and the hat is on his head as he leans on the cane. He is not dancing. This picture also includes a quote from Walt Disney: "We're interested in doing things that are fun…in bringing pleasure and especially laughter to people." This piece is also a limited edition size 2001;picture number 126. We purchased this piece for $85.00.

Also displayed upstairs are several pieces that were not purchased directly from Disney. One is a wonderful framed poster of Light Magic from Disneyland. This picture is signed and dated by Scott, 1997.

The other is a poster of Mickey and Minnie in a pink car on the beach. The car has the vanity plate Mick 'n Min.

We also have a much smaller picture from 2004; showing Charter Card member of the Disney Visa with Sorcerer Mickey.

Another wonderful picture we have upstairs was given to me several years ago. This is a picture of Mickey's Birthday and includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and Chip and Dale. This one was done in the late 1980's or early 1990's as far as we can tell to promote Gaines running Disneyland's Pet Kennels.

Another of my treasured pieces of Disney Art doesn't come from Disney. In fact this piece doesn't even come from America. This one is a picture of Mickey and Minnie done in colored straw. Both characters have an orange face. Mickey is wearing a red jacket over a gray vest, yellow pants with one hand in the pocket and red and white tennis shoes. Minnie is wearing a green jacket over a yellow shirt with red pants - also with her hand in the pocket, and green tennis shoes. The two are leaning with their backs together. This beautiful piece was done in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

We have two lithographs we purchased in June of 2005 at the Disneyland Art Gallery. These pictures are matted, but not framed; and not yet hanging in our house.

The first is of Snow White in the woods. Snow White is with many woodland creatures, including two bluebirds flying above her. Over her shoulder is the glow from the sun shining down upon her.

The second picture is of Tinker Bell standing on a mirror. The reflection of her shoes and ankles is visible beneath her feet.

Tinker Bell is surrounded by pixie dust, leaning forward with a smile on her pixie face.

I Love Mickey is done in needlepoint and was given to me many years ago by my mother who worked long and hard to get this done for me for Christmas. It is highly treasured because of the love put into this piece.

Our Mickey Mouse framed poster. This is of the well known, full-bodied waving Mickey Mouse. This picture is in our bedroom where we can see Mickey Mouse every day. To my knowledge these posters are still sold and make a great addition to any room!

Finally, we have two small pictures given to us for Alex, our 3-year-old son.

One is a picture of Mickey and Donald with streamers and a gift.

The other is of Mickey and Goofy fishing. Both look wonderful with black frames, and look very nice hanging next to the fireplace mantel.

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