Leanne's Disney Clock Collection

I currently have 14 clocks in my Disney Clock collection. This does not include my Disney watches as they are in a collection all their own.

The dates of these clocks range from 1988 to 2005 and the prices range from $5.00 to $100.00.

My Disney Clock collection began in 1988 when I was given my first clock for my birthday. This clock was purchased by my husband and was my first birthday present after we were married in 1987. I have not had batteries in this clock for years, as it is on a high shelf in our bedroom. This first clock is a brown wooden Seiko mantle clock, put out for Mickey Mouse's 60th Anniversary. A simple, yet beautiful clock, this is one I will always treasure because it was the first Disney gift I ever got from my husband!

The next clock I obtained is a ceramic/porcelain Mickey Mouse Clock, with Mickey leaning on the timepiece. The clock and Mickey are on a stand that simply says 'M'.

One of the cutest clocks I have was actually purchased at Wal-Mart a few years ago. This clock has Mickey leaning on Pluto's Doghouse. Pluto is on the face of the clock, which is the door to the doghouse. I paid approximately $5.00 for this wonderful bank.

In a similar vein, another adorable clock purchased at Wal-Mart is Conductor Mickey, and a train engine. The front of the engine is the clock. Mickey leans out the engine's door. I paid approximately $5.00 for this wonderful clock.

The smallest clock I own is a clock brought back from Disneyland in approximately 2001. My neighbors had traveled there, and I took care of their dogs. This was the gift they brought back. They were happily surprised to know that I collect Disney Clocks and that Mickey, of course is my favorite. So they were very pleased with their choice of gift for me. This clock is a small desk clock with Mickey Mouse behind the clock. This is a beautiful clock that is on constant display in our house.

Next we have a small desk/travel alarm clock. This is a red clock whose face has movie making Mickey Mouse and is from Disney's California Adventure. The clock is made by Disney Time Works.

One of my favorite but most obnoxious clocks in the Clock Cleaner's Clock. It has Mickey and Donald cleaning the clock with Goofy hanging from a pendulum. The face of this clock is open and shows the inner workings. Each hour the clock becomes animated and the time will be announced along with one of the characters saying a short phrase… such as "what time is it?" The wonderful feature about this clock is the night setting; which mutes the sound off when it is dark in the area surrounding the clock. I originally saw this clock hanging in the gift shop at the Howard Johnson's Hotel in Anaheim. We were on our way out the hotel leaving to return home when I saw it and ended up ordering it from home. This was a great purchase and one the whole family enjoys every day. We bought this in 2004 for approximately $70.00.

Another clock I have that was purchased by my husband is a large wall clock with red around the clock face. Mickey Mouse is sitting in the face of the clock with one leg hanging outside. That one leg is a pendulum that keeps time with the second hand.

We currently have five clocks on our mantel.

The two outer clocks are Bobble Head Clocks. One is Mickey Mouse holding the clock under his arm. The timepiece on this clock is a watch face, and do require watch batteries. The bobble head stands on a pedestal. The pedestal on this clock says Mickey Mouse. This wonderful clock was a Christmas gift from my sister in 2002.

The other is Minnie Mouse in a flowered hat with the clock on her purse. The timepiece on this clock is a watch face, and do require watch batteries. The bobble head stands on a pedestal The bobble head stands on a pedestal. The pedestal on this clock says Minnie Mouse. This wonderful clock was a Christmas gift from my sister in 2002.

The interior mantel clocks are dome clocks with a porcelain base. These two clocks were done for Mickey's 75th anniversary.

The Mickey clock has red surrounding the clock face with Mickey on the face of the clock. The face of the clock also has Mickey's 75th Anniversary written there. Below is a pendulum that doesn't swing back and forth. This one turns circles, rotating left to right, and then switching to go the opposite direction. The top of the clock has crowns, the porcelain base is red on the outside, and the top of the base again has Mickey's 75th Anniversary written inside. All of this is covered with a dome.

The Minnie Mouse clock doesn't have writing on it at all as it was simply a companion clock to the Mickey timepiece. The pendulum on Minnie's clock does have roses on each point and flowers on the top of the porcelain base. The outer portion of her base is also mostly white instead of red like Mickey's clock.

These clocks were also a gift from my sister, Christmas 2003. I have since found out that these two clocks are rare. There is another version that is blue that was released in 2004. The blue clocks have flooded the market, making these two more rare clocks that much more special.

Garage sales are a great place to pick up inexpensive treasures. Last year while doing garage sales, I was able to pick up a perfect condition Tigger Alarm Clock. This clock is adorable with Tigger leaning on the clock itself. The face of the clock has Tigger doing what he does best. Bouncing. There are also springs on the clock face, probably to show the damage his bouncing can do. This is a wonderful clock that I purchased for a mere 50 cents! A great addition to my collection!

The last clock in my collection is the one I purchased on our most recent trip to Disneyland in 2005. This wonderful desk or mantel clock was found in Disney's California Adventure at one of my favorite shops; Off The Page. None of the display clocks had batteries in so I didn't know of the possibilities of this clock until I brought it home. The outer casing of the clock is gold. While the face itself is white there are golden etchings of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Mickey Mouse and Disneyland's 50th Anniversary on the face.

The numbers and clock hands are black making them very easy to see. This beautiful clock has two music choices to play on the top of each hour. One choice is Whittington and the other is Westminster. Each hour you will hear that wonderful snippet of music before the hourly chimes begin. It also has a choice for night shut off; where it won't chime between 11:00pm and 5:50am.

This is definitely my favorite clock because of its beauty and simplicity; yet total elegance. It has a spot in the center of our mantel for all to see! This clock was purchased in 2005 for $100.00. This Bulova clock is my biggest treasure from last year's vacation!

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