History of Donald Duck

Donald Duck is one of the most popular of all the Disney Characters. He got his start on June 9, 1934 in a Silly Symphony cartoon titled 'The Wise Little Hen'. Audiences have always loved his fiery temper and silly antics.

Clarence 'Ducky' Nash provided Donald's voice for 50 years. Tony Anselmo, a Disney artist, is the current voice of Donald Duck.

Donald is a lovable character with a good heart who usually tries to do the right thing. He takes humiliation and keeps on going. He never backs down from a fight. Donald may be hard to understand most of the time but he always has a lot to say. He is easily calmed down by his beloved Daisy who can simply soothe his brow to make him happy. Donald is the character well known for his short fuse, his many fights, and his need to be as good as Mickey Mouse.

In the 1940's Donald Duck had more cartoons than Mickey Mouse; with over 128 to his credit. These don't include the ones that did include the famous Mouse.

Our favorite duck is well known for his attire; wearing simply a sailor shirt and hat, with no pants in sight. Donald even has a middle name: Donald Fauntleroy Duck.

He is also the lesser-known member of the Three Caballeros from 1944. He is also very well known from Duck Tales; which was on television from 1987-1990. And for those who are not sure where Donald lives, well of course it is in Duckburg, Calisota USA. He does dock his boat, the Miss Daisy, at Disneyland in ToonTown.

Donald is not just a Disney icon. He is also the mascot for the Oregon Ducks.

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