All Star Resorts Review

In the last seven years we have been taking our annual vacation to WDW.  Two of the seven times we have stayed at the All Star Movies Resort and have loved the experience there.  The All Star movie resort when checking in has a little movie area off to the side of the check-in desk.  This is very nice with two young children and helps keep them entertained while one of us adults checks in.  The movie area has a big projection screen and actually theater seats to relax in.  Also located in the main building is the food courts, gift shop/grocery store, and a game room.  When you step out to the front of the main building is the bus stops for the buses that run to the parks and airport and a parking lot beyond that.  When you step out to the rear of the main building there is an outdoor bar.  Beyond that is the main pool.  Which has Sorcerer Mickey spraying water from his hands.  To the left of the pool is the laundry room and a kiddy pool.  The kiddy pool had an orca whale with water spraying from his blowhole and there is a kiddy slide for the kids to play on.  The rooms are all about the same deco but each building has a special movie theme such as: Toy Story, Herbie, 101 Dalmatians, Fantasia, & Mighty Ducks.  There is also a second pool that is themed from the Mighty Ducks.  We have loved the special extra touches the staff has done at the ASMovies when staying there.  The last time we was there the maid would arrange Trey's monkey and Kyan's Belle on the bed with a note.( See attached photo) We also thought there was more buses that came to the resort and more frequently.  We loved the children's pool and the location right next to the main pool.  There is also a playground at this resort.
Last year we decided to try the new Pop Century resort.  Upon arrival we thought this should be nice since this is the newest resort.  The set up is pretty much the same as the All Star Movies except I do not remember there being a movie screen/mini theatre.  The main building has the food courts &  small gift shop directly next to the food court. There is no little grocery setup like at the ASMovies.  The arcade is located separate also. When we stayed there at the Pop only half of the resort was open because they were still working on the later years.  The "early" years like 50-70 was open when we stayed. We was in the 60's the hippie years and this really had no impact on my children like when we was in the 101 Dalmatian building.  The only neat feature at the Pop was a jet water fountain for the kids to run around in.  The main pool was the Hippie Dippie Pool and it really didn't do much for us on the theming. We liked our room but it was very much the same as the ASMovies on the set up and design.  We did feel like we spent a lot of time there waiting on the buses.  Just overall we decided towards the end of the trip that we was more happier with the All Star Movies over Pop Century and felt the theming for the Movies was more kid friendly.  I also think there is more buses that run through the All Star Resorts since they are located right next door to each other. Within walking distance to each other.  Where as the Pop Century is all by itself.


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