Epcot Quick Review from May, 2008

Mom (32) says:  Epcot takes several days to get through!  World Showcase can take a day alone!!  Epcot is a very hands on learning adventure.  There are unexpected surprises all around.

Dad (34) says:  Don’t take for granted the small number of rides because there is so much to see and do there. 

Daughter (14) says:  I wish we had more time there!  World Showcase looked cool but it was closing when we went through it. 

Son (4) says:  SOARIN’!!!!  There are lots of fun rides.


Favorite Rides:

Mom:  Soarin’

Dad:  Test Track

Daughter:  Test Track

Son:  Soarin’ but I liked ALL the rides (except for the ones that I covered my eyes).



Mom:  Make sure you schedule enough time to see everything!!!  Go to World Showcase during the day, you will miss TOO much at night!  Look down at the ground at night there are fiber optic lights in the sidewalks.

Dad:  Plan on sit down dining at Epcot, it has the best food in all of Walt Disney World.  Don’t be intimidated by the orange team on Mission:  Space and go on the green team!  The green team is too tame.

Daughter:  Don’t do Mission: Space on the green team.  If you get motion sickness, just skip the ride.  The orange team is fun. 

Son:  Ride Figment, he’s cute.


This Review was contributed by Mynde, aka Esmeralda on the DisneyMouseLinks message boards.  Thanks Mynde!

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