Fantasia Freeze Review

Fantasia Freeze is an outdoor cart in Fantasyland where you can purchase drinks.

This is one of two places you can try the special drink created by Disney & Coca-Cola called the Tinker Bell Twist. (The other place is at Goofy's Free-z Time in ToonTown) It's a "slurpee" style drink made of sour apple & watermelon & it comes in a collectible cup. I believe it ran me $6.99. It was very tart but refreshing in the heat of the day & the cup was a large size cup so there was plenty to share with the family. I myself enjoyed the drink, but Anthony thought it was too sour.

On a scale of 4 stars, I give this special edition cup & drink a 2 1/2 stars, more so for the collector cup, but I like sour things so I enjoyed it, but a lot of people might find this drink too sour & for that kind of money you want to love it !!

Thanks to disneydreamer from the forums for the above review!

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