Fantasmic! Review, March 2011

It was a rainy week in Anaheim when we watched Fantasmic!  We first had dessert party reservations for Wednesday March 23rd, but it poured for most of the day.  Between the mud of the island and the danger to costumed performers, all showings of Fantasmic! were  cancelled. 


I was able to go to City Hall and there was space left for Thursday's 10:15 showing of Fantasmic! so I switched to that show, knowing it was due to rain on Thursday as well and it was possible I would simply have to refund our tickets.


While it did rain on Thursday, the show did go on, while there were occasional sprinkles during both shows.  The total wetness and sprinkles did change the show a bit but it all went well.


Fantasmic! is the classic story of Good vs. Evil.  Mickey is good.  Disney Villains are Evil.  In the show you will see the Evil Queen, the Old Hag and Maleficent on stage, as well as her incarnation as the dragon.  On the water screens you see Ursula and Chernabog.  Also during the show you will see Captain Hook.


It was actually during the Peter Pan segment of the show that the California rain had an obvious effect on the show.  At one point Wendy yells:  "fly Peter", and he will usually fly.  On this night there was no flying due to the danger the wetness created.  But I am not sure how the rain had any affect on Tick Tock, who was simply missing from the show.


Fantasmic! is a mixture of live performers, movie clips, fire, lasers and pyrotechnics.  While it debuted in 1992 and is almost 30 years old, this show is still the most amazing live show Disney has created for any of their parks.  Fantasmic is still loved by all, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. 


Since the inception of this show I have considered it a must see for all visitor's to Disneyland.  I still consider this show a must see.  The show is absolutely stunning every single time I see it.  Knowing the show word for word has not dimmed my love of this incredible extravaganza of what Disney does best.  Over the years I have never lost any excitement for the show, and if I don't get a chance to see it on a trip, it is a disappointment. 


Fantasmic! is a must see show.  You will not regret taking time out of your night to enjoy this incredible experience.

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