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Update August 24, 2013

Today I logged on to MDE and discovered that I now had a Fastpass + option under my plans.  I clicked that and low and behold my trip came up.

It was very simple to plan the fastpasses to select since we had meals planned at the parks each day.  I just used that schedule to pick our fastpass selections.  Twice the times were not good enough, so I was able to easily change times once selected.

Fastpass + choices can be filled out for each of your park days if you are one of the selected resorts doing the test.  We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside in October, and that falls under the test parameters. 

After I made all of my fastpass + selections I clicked the Magic Band link.  This was not under the MY PLANS heading, it was under the LEARN ABOUT heading.  I clicked on it and was told that I had until September 12th to customize our Magic Bands.  If you don’t customize, you will be given ‘iconic gray’.  I chose a pink band, Alex chose blue, and Andy chose red.  I set pins up for each band, and our credit card is set up for charging privileges. 

Since I have been wanting this since the inception of Fastpass +, I am thrilled to be in the October test group.  I will update this as things progress.

Update September 4, 2013

I have since changed my fastpass times several times.  I even changed JUST me so that I don’t have to ride Expedition Everest, but my boys can ride it.  Changing is easy.  You can click on update – if you are in My Disney Experience, click to see your reservations, then go to where you see that fastpass you need to change.  Click update.  Then you can select the option to Change the fastpass time.  Select the guests you want to change it for, and select change time, or change attraction.  If you select time, you will get a list of times that you can change your fastpass to, and there is an arrow at the bottom to put later times on the list.  If you wish to change the attraction, a list of attractions that still have fastpass available will appear. 

This is simple and easy to do, and I am still pleased with the fact that we are able to use magic bands and fastpass +.

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