French Market Review 2008

French Market Review from April 2008


The French Market is located in New Orleans Square and is a counter service restaurant.  You place your order, pick it up, and then make payment. 


During our trip, crowds were minimal yet there was still a line at the French Market.  Because of this, all of our food was on the cold side by the time we sat down to eat.


The atmosphere was great as we were entertained by The Bachelors during our meal.  Alex even got up to help the band during one song, and has a kazoo and beads from that special experience.


Andy had the French Dip, Alex had the chicken nuggets munch meal (does not come in a box here), and I had the clam chowder in a bread bowl.


Andy did not like the French Dip, saying it was bland.  He had to use a lot of salt just to get flavor. 


Alex ate two of his four nuggets. With his meal Alex got grapes and strawberries.  The munch meal here does not come in a box.


I enjoyed the clam chowder bread bowl with a side of fries.  While the chowder was good, I do like the chowder at Rainforest Café much better.  The bread bowl was incredible though.  It was not too soggy, nor too hard and very tasty.


There is plenty of seating at the French Market, and because of this and the band we will probably eat here again.  While the food was not great, it was still satisfying and there are other choices we can try next time.

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