Disneyland Fresh Fruit Carts

The fruit carts are located at both Disneyland and California Adventure. In Disneyland they can be found on Main Street across from Carnation Café and in Critter Country across from the drop in Splash Mountain. At California Adventure the fruit cart is located in the Bountiful Valley near A Bug's Land.

These fruit carts have fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, oranges and even large dill pickles. You can also get chips here if you desire a quick dose of junk food.

Fruit carts also have a supply of ice cold drinks, including water, juice, and coke products.

The Disneyland Resort Fruit carts are a great place to grab a healthy snack and an ice cold drink.

Prices (June 2006):

Drinks: $2.75
Fruit: $1.75

There is no tax at the carts.

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