Disneyland Gadget's Go Coaster Review

Gadget's Go Coaster is a short roller coaster ride in ToonTown with a short height requirement of 35 inches. Because of the minimal height requirement this is an attraction both children and adults enjoy.

The queue is cute as is just about everything in ToonTown, but it is also in the sun, so can be quite hot when the line is long. Like a typical roller coaster ride, the queue is unable to move quickly so this is an attraction that is best to ride in the early morning hours before Disneyland gets to busy.

Once you reach the front of the line and get into the roller coaster seats, you will find that they are small for adults, and the ride is very fast. With nothing tricky, this is a simple roller coaster, yet children and adults alike enjoy it. This is a great attraction to check your child for his or her roller coaster readiness. Since both Gadget's Go Coaster and the Matterhorn have the same height requirement, it would be good idea to check your child on this attraction before doing the Matterhorn. If you child is not scared by this ride, then go for the longer and more adult friendly Matterhorn.

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