Goofy's Kitchen Off Season Review (September, 2007)

Goofy’s Kitchen (Off Season, September 15, 2007)


On Saturday the 15th of September we had priority seating for Goofy’s Kitchen at 11:00 in the morning.


We checked in at about 10:45 and I requested our favorite table.  It was not available, but they did seat us in that section.


Pluto was outside the restaurant and we had Alex pose for a picture with him.


Since Alex’s 5th birthday was on Monday, I had ordered a birthday bag for him.  They also had balloons on the table when they seated us.  The total cost for those balloons and the birthday bag was $5.00.


We had a very nice relaxing breakfast.  The French toast in the children’s section was incredibly good and I went back for seconds.  The omelet was great as well.


About half-way through the meal, the pictures with Pluto were brought to our table.  We didn’t buy any of them.  We preferred the old way of doing the pictures, where you preview them right there and decide if you want any.  Neither of us likes being put on the spot like that while eating.


We saw Baloo, Goofy, Chip and Dale (but not together), Jasmine and Alice.  We had to wait quite a while for Alice since she had gone on break, but it was worth the wait.  Alex loved seeing her.  The most fun we had though was with Goofy, Chip and Dale.  Goofy insisted on using Alex’s head as a table when signing the autograph book.  That was hilarious, and I do think Andy got some great pictures.  We only had a few spaces in our autograph book, and after Goofy signed, there was only one left, and we saved it for Alice. 


Not having our book out was not a big deal to Chip and Dale.  They had fun writing on the paper tablecloth.  Dale came first and signed his name there and stayed for a few minutes.  Chip of course had to do better than that!  He not only signed his name, but drew Alex’s picture (a very cute stick figure) then handed Alex the pen so he could draw Chip.  Alex was having a hard time so Chip did help.  The picture made Chip look like a snow man.  Another amazing time with a rascally chipmunk and Alex loved every minute of it.  Of course we adults were cracking up as well.  And yes, I did tear that piece of paper off and brought it home for our scrapbook.  Wonderful memories.


We found that the characters were in no hurry to leave our table.  Chip alone spent close to 10 minutes with us.  While Goofy and the chipmunks always spend a lot of time with us, being there in the off season enabled them to spend even more time than usual.  Chip was even going to get Dale and bring him back to the table when the Macarena started and they had to go dance.  Oh well.


Goofy’s Kitchen was a blast.  The service was great and the character interaction was second to none.  All 3 of us had a wonderful time.

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