Grocery Shopping At The Disney Resort

Are you going to the Disneyland Resort and need some supplies? It is much cheaper to buy many items at a grocery store instead of at the Parks. If you have young toodlers it is much easier to purchase your baby supplies in California instead of having to travel with them.

There are several options for getting groceries and other supplies while at Disneyland.

If you have a car, or don't mind taking the bus, you can get many of your supplies, including Gatorade, water and soft drinks at the Super Target on Harbor. To get there, just cross Ball Road and keep on going. It is on the right hand side. Next to the Super Target is also the Disney Outlet Store, so while there, make a stop here for some older, therefore cheaper, souvenirs. The Super Target is also a great place to purchase items such as film and sunscreen. Purchasing either of the items at the Disneyland Resort will be much more expensive.

If you are looking for alcohol, you can purchase Wine at the Super Target. If you are staying at a hotel on Harbor, there is a liquor store there where you can purchase all other alcohol. (Very Expensive) If you are staying on the other side of Disneyland, there is also a convenience store (Wine & Beer) a few blocks west on Katella. (West Katella & South Walnut St) It is walking distance from the Disneyland Resort Hotels and easy to get to without a car.

If you do not have a car, and don't want to take the bus, groceries and beer can be ordered from Albertson's. Just go to for information, and a list of all items they will deliver. Albertson's will deliver to your hotel with a minimum purchase of $25.00 and a $9.00 delivery charge. You simply place your order, give the delivery address and a credit card number and the order will be delivered. Before placing the order call your hotel to find out their policies. For example, do you need to be there when the groceries arrive? Will they store them for you? If you have cold items, such as milk, can they refrigerate? All of this is important to know before you make arrangements for delivery and each hotel could have a different policy on grocery deliveries.

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