Halloween Screams Review and Viewing Tips

This fireworks show is one of my all time favorites that Disneyland has ever produced.  Only the 50th fireworks are better than this current display.  Part of the reason for this is because Halloween Screams is something different.  The music is familiar, yet amped up to match the choreography of the show.  The special effects in this show make the show were a surprise.  Because of this special effect that is done on a balloon that rises in the night sky, it is imperative that you have a viewing spot where you can see left of Sleeping Beauty Castle above the turrets on the left. 


For our Halloween trip to Disneyland, we first saw the fireworks from Rivers of America between showings of Fantasmic!  While the view here was not optimal it was obvious to me that we would need to see these from Main Street.  I immediately loved the music for the show.



The next night I secured a bench near Tomorrowland where we could see Celebrate as well as Halloween Screams viewing.  I was there at 3:30 pm for the 5:30 parade and 8:00 fireworks.  This was a great location for Andy and Alex to meet me later.  As for parade viewing, Alex was not happy.  He has been spoiled with front row seats over the years and this was not acceptable to him.  We were able to see the show, but not participate.



I got lucky when a man named Robert asked if he could sit on my bench.  He was a lot of fun to spend the hours with while waiting for the show.


Several hours later the fireworks began.  The bench had been moved into the street so that the sidewalk could be made into a walkway during the fireworks.  This worked out for us because we could still stand on the bench to see over everyone standing in the street.  We had a great view of Sleeping Beauty Castle, but their was a piece missing from the ‘moon’ as if someone had taken a piece of pie.  We noticed also that unlike all other Disney fireworks shows, this one did not have a 'hidden' Mickey.  Why?  My guess is that since this is supposed to be a villain show, Mickey will not be in there since he is the ultimate symbol of Good.



The next day we scoped out a bench in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  I went back at 3:15 to get the bench we had chosen and it was already taken.  I then switched to our second choice bench and stretched out.  A few hours later, Robert appeared and I again had someone to spend the hours with before the show began.  Like the day before we were in a location where we could stand on our bench to see over people standing in front of us.


Once the fireworks began we quickly realized that while this was not our first viewing choice, it should have been.  This bench gave us an incredible view of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the fireworks, and the all important balloon that holds Jack, Oogie Boogie, the Wicked Queen and more.  I was in awe of the fireworks from this position.  Wow.



For our final night I was determined to get ‘my’ bench, and arrived at 2:45 to make sure of it!  By 3:30 all of the benches were full.  Robert did not join us on our final night, and I missed getting to say goodbye to him.  After all, we had spent 10 hours getting to know each other!  There were a few things happening (I will discuss this in the tips area) that enabled me to see who was at the bench next to me.  Since it was a party of two ladies, I invited them to join our bench so a family of four could have theirs.  They moved and we had fun for the next several hours.  These ladies had seen the show from further down Main Street the night before and new they had to be closer for their final night.  Like my time with Robert, we bonded and had fun.  Nina and her Mom are wonderful ladies. After this final nights display there were may people who came up to me to say thanks.  That was a surprise!


I really recommend seeing these fireworks from Sleeping Beauty Castle, specifically the Hub, or the Plaza (whichever you call it will work). 


Viewing Tips for Halloween Screams


  1. The benches in the opening of the hub towards the castle, facing each other, are NOT seats you can sit in for the fireworks.  This is a reserved area. Disney does not tell you this, and about 1 hour before the fireworks you will be unceremoniously booted from the seat you secured hours before.  Please DO NOT sit in these seats!  (Some of the people I told this information to, and then showed them other seating options were the ones who came to thank me after the show).
  2. The gray line going across this area you can’t sit in (because of premium viewing) is the beginning of where you can sit to secure a spot.  Here you will have a front and center view of the fireworks.  If benches are gone, this is a great spot to take!
  3. If you want a bench facing Sleeping Beauty Castle, arrive very early.  These go quickly.  It was ‘off season’ and I still had to sit 5 hours to secure a bench.  It is very easy to save a bench and quite comfortable compared to sitting on the ground for 4 or more hours!  And the reward?  Priceless.
  4. The street and sidewalks in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle will be full 2 – 3 hours before the fireworks show.  Stay close on the right or left, but do not go into the street.  About 45 minutes before the show they make everyone stand and move forward.  At this time you can move in and have a great viewing location.

 Video of Halloween Screams

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