HalloweenTime at the Disneyland Resort 2009

It was decided in 2008 that Halloween would be the newest ‘season’ for the Disneyland Resort.  Because of that, there have been a few additions to the normal Halloween decorations and fanfare at Disneyland.


Over the years we have all become accustomed to the Haunted Mansion overlay that turns a much loved attraction into Haunted Mansion Holiday with Jack Skellington decorating the Mansion.  Each year between October and December this is one attraction that is always busy with lines throughout the day.


For 2009 Disneyland made a few changes to the season with a second Halloween attraction, and an all new fireworks display.


Space Mountain has been turned into Ghost Galaxy for the Halloween season and this new overlay has gone over very well.  Lines for Space Mountain are over an hour from opening until closing, sometimes approaching the two hour point.  Fastpass is a must for Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy.  It is also important to note that this attraction is now much scarier that it has been previously with ghosts now projected into the ride.  Not only can the ghosts be seen, but they can also be heard and will occasionally reach out to grab the unsuspecting guests during the attraction.  From an adult point of view, this has been very nicely done, and is a welcome change to the normal attraction.  From the point of view of a seven year old, this is now one of his favorite rides and it was a must ride every day of the vacation.


Halloween Screams – A Villainous Surprise in the Skies is the new fireworks display running approximately 14 minutes with about 12 minutes of actual fireworks.  None of the music for this display is new, but it is not the version of the music you would normally hear.  Each song has been reworked to fit into this incredible soundtrack with the display completely choreographed to the music.


This brand new holiday display took Disneyland guests by surprise and has elicited long waits for premier seating.  These fireworks are beautiful, and must be seen from the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle to get the full effect.  As long as you have a view of the left side of the Castle, above the turrets and between the tree on the left, you will be able to get the full effect of this incredible display.  Benches in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle are gone between four and five hours before the scheduled time for fireworks.


Halloween Screams and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy are two new Halloween surprises for Disneyland in 2009, and both are already much loved.  We hope they are back each year for HalloweenTime.


Review and Viewing Tips for Halloween Screams


Video of  Halloween Screams

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