Happiest Birthday on Earth Review (2007)

We attended the Happiest Birthday on Earth at Disneyland on May 7th, 2007. We checked in for the party at approximately 1:50pm in front of the Plaza Inn Restaurant. This is where you pay for the party. After paying, you are handed a receipt and sent to wait with the other guests. A few minutes before 2pm Cast Members come through and give everyone who has paid for the party, as well as the family members a stamp on the right hand. The stamp looks like a birthday candle. At this point everyone is also given a birthday hat with Mickey ears. A photographer is there also, and gives each family a photopass card that you are to leave on the edge of your table so they can easily take pictures, both candid and posed.

At 2pm everyone is let into the Plaza Inn where there are reserved table with drinks set out (in plastic cups you can keep), and a basket that contains popsicle sticks, forks, napkins, and wet naps. The popsicle sticks are to be used in decorating your cake. On the day we went, all the umbrellas at the tables were tied closed due to wind. Since the day was very hot, sitting at those tables was very uncomfortable. You are allowed to sit on the balcony, so keep that in mind if the umbrellas are closed.

Once we were all seated Patrick Edward Cake came out and introduced himself as the host of the Happiest Birthday on Earth. We were told we could simply call him Pat E. Cake. The happy birthday song (not your traditional Happy Birthday tune) was playing over the loud speakers. This song will play through 4 times before it is shut off.

Soon a cake, frosting, sprinkles, and m & m's are delivered to each person. This is presented in a Mickey Mouse (toodles) shape container, with the cake as the face, the frosting in one ear, and the sprinkles and candies in the other ear. Each person is told to decorate the cake, and that the cakes will be judged in a few minutes. We are told not to eat the cakes at this point.

After a few minutes, Pat E. Cake makes the rounds to judge the cakes (he loved the way Alex decorated his), and eventually declares everyone a winner. Blue ribbon stickers are then handed out to everyone.

At this point, Mickey and Minnie appear with a musical lead-in. Each family is told they can line up for pictures with the pair. They only stay for a few minutes, so be sure to get in line quickly. When we did this, Alex did not want to have his picture taken, so he covered his face with his hat. A quick-thinking Minnie grabbed his hat and handed it to me. Then Mickey and Minnie corralled Alex and we ended up getting a wonderful picture.

Once Mickey and Minnie leave, we are finally told we can eat the cakes. Amazingly enough, at our table the only person who waited for that direction was our 4 year old son!

The Happiest Birthday on Earth last's approximately 40 minutes. It is full of fun, and the high-energy Pat E. Cake. The cast members working the party are fantastic, and very helpful.

Would we do this party again? Yes. The Happiest Birthday Party on Earth was fun, and entertaining, and at only $10.00 per person, it was an inexpensive form of entertainment for the whole family. Not only do you have the party, but you also have time with Mickey and Minnie together, which makes for some great pictures. We really enjoyed this party.

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