Honey I Shrunk the Audience Review 2008

Honey I Shrunk the Audience 3-D


This 3-D show has been at Disneyland for years, replacing Captain EO.  This was the first time we had seen the show, and decided to do it since Alex really enjoys 3-D.


The waiting area for this show is simply a large area with steps and a few televisions.  The pre-show is like watching a commercial for Kodak – the sponsor of Honey I Shrunk the Audience.


Before doing this show, we watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids at home, and Alex really enjoyed that movie.  With his love of 3-D we expected great things from this show.


After about 10 minutes we were allowed into the theater for the start of the show.  One thing I quickly noticed is that the girl from the movie was not in this show, and the neighbor children were also missing.  This was obviously taking place years after the movie because Professor Zalinskys young son was now a teen.


While you are told outside that this show includes mice, snakes and other possibly scary things, we were not worried.


The show starts very nicely with Professor Zalinsky being the recipient of a special award, but he is nowhere to be found.  All harmless fun with great 3-D effects leading up to the shrinking of the audience.


The shrinking was very nicely done as the theater was set up to show movement on the seats indicating that something had happened.  Once the audience is shrunk the people on stage were suddenly huge.


At one point during the show there was a cat, which now appeared as big as a lion since we were now only 1 inch tall.  This portion of the show had the children and some adults screaming in terror.


This show has excellent 3-D, but the theater was not crowded, the show has been around too long and something needs to change.


While our son Alex wanted to see Muppets again immediately, he NEVER wanted to see this show again, and we agreed.  This is a show that while I won’t specifically recommend people enjoy, it does have incredible 3-D, so if nothing else, take in Honey I Shrunk the Audience to see the wonderful effects.  But do heed the warnings outside, and if those warnings pertain to you, just skip this show.



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