House of Blues Review (2007)

House of Blues is located in Downtown Disney.  The restaurant features nightly live entertainment.  We arrived at 4:30 and were promptly seated.  There appeared to be very little dining business.  The atmosphere of the House of Blues is fun.  We were seated in the bar area (first seating area as you enter the restaurant) which may be the only seating area not accessible to the live entertainment.  It seemed like their business is based on the ticket sales and drink sales of the entertainment.  The bar area was dark, as expected, and had lots of hand painted Cajun artwork all around.  The ceiling tiles were made to look like plaster casts of famous Blues (?) musicians (I say ? because I have NO idea who any of them were??!!).  The House of Blues promoted “Southern BBQ”.  My husband expected ribs etc.  He was disappointed to find that “southern BBQ” meant Cajun food (fried seafood, jambalaya, etc).  The staff was friendly but slow.  It seemed to take a long time just to get our drink order and we were already in the bar with only a few other patrons there.  Our experience was tainted by the presence of one DRUNKEN 20-something man.  He was loud and obnoxious.  Normally I don’t mind this, but since we had our children with us (as did the few other diners) and he was cursing and carrying on.  Finally after 35 minutes of listening to him carry on the bar tender cut him off.  The menu was limited but a nice change to the usual burger options.  My daughter and I split a wrap and a “side” salad (was huge!) and my husband’s meal was also large.  The kids menu was adequate and the portion was also plentiful.  The prices were outrageous!  With only 2 adult meals, one child’s, one beer (the special of the night even) and two sodas we spent $65!  This really doesn’t say much compared to the skyrocketed Disneyland prices for meals…but we only had two adult meals!  My overall opinion of the House of Blues is that it’s not a fun place for the kids.  If it’s just the adults out for dinner or a drink before bed, then it’s ok.  The atmosphere is fun for adults but the kids were bored.  The service was mediocre and the prices high.  I’d like to go back and see a live performance without the kids.  So…Family?  Skip it.  Couple?  Drop in. 


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