Hungry Bear Restaurant Review 2008

Hungry Bear Restaurant Review – April 2008


We finally had opportunity to eat at the Hungry Bear this trip.  We frequently use the bathrooms there on the lower level but the restaurant has never been open.


At this restaurant you pay when you order, then pick up your food at the counter.


Andy and I both orders cheeseburgers, and Alex had the chicken nuggets munch meal.


We found the burgers tasty compared to burgers at other locations within Disneyland. The best burgers at the resort are still those at Taste Pilots Grill in Disney’s California Adventure. 


Alex made out like a bandit though, because the chicken nuggets here were not the regular chicken nuggets throughout the park.  At the Hungry Bear they actually used real chicken and fried them differently.  They were very tasty, and not flat like the normal park nuggets.


Hungry Bear also sells fruit topped funnel cake, something I dearly love.  Since funnel cake is not good cold, we ate our meals first and then I went to get a funnel cake.  They had strawberry funnel cake, or chocolate.  We decided on the strawberry.  It comes with a big dollop of whipped cream on the top.  Alex and I shared this dessert.  He ate the whipped cream, I ate the rest.  This is one funnel cake you definitely need a for to eat, and was very good!


The Hungry Bear has a large seating area both upstairs and downstairs overlooking the Rivers of America. 


We will definitely eat here again if it is open on our next trip.  This part of the park was very relaxing and quiet even though it was outdoors.

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