Hungry Bear Review (2007)

Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country.  We chose to dine in Critter Country because it seemed quieter back there.  The Hungry Bear had a limited menu.  We had burgers and chicken fingers and fries and grapes.  I noticed other people eating a salad (which was what I really wanted) but I didn’t notice them on the menu (thought that’s what it says they have on the park map so I must have just missed it).  The Hungry Bear is located on the Rivers of America.  The setting is woodsy.  The tables and chairs are made from trees (well, of course, they were wood, but I mean they looked like logs freshly cut down and nailed together).  There was ample seating both upstairs and down.  We watched and waved to the passing pirate ship Columbia.  The entire restaurant is shaded and a nice place to stop and rest.  The Critter Country restrooms are located downstairs, very convenient traveling with a 3 ½ year old.  So if its burgers and solitude you want, you will probably find it here. 


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