I Am Not Alone (January 26th, 2009)

I have heard from a few people in my neighborhood that there is another Disney person here.  One of the girls who works at our local store has been trying to get us together for some time.  More recently one of the parents I know from Alex’s school mentioned her neighbor who was a Disney travel agent.  It turns out this is the same person the other girl has been trying to get me to meet.


This weekend when Alex went to a birthday party we saw the Disney person’s house.  I immediately noticed because she has approximately ten window clings on her vehicle.  On her front porch are several character figurines, including Mickey, Donald and Dopey.


I asked my friend about her, and Jeri replied that I am not nearly as obsessive as her neighbor.  It would seem that her neighbor has several Disney clocks in her house and trinkets visible everywhere.  Of course I had to laugh.  Jeri has been in my house, but not past the front room.  As you exit my house the last thing you see is my Thomas Kincaid on the wall beside the door.  I assured Jeri that next time her son came over she would have to come farther into my house to see my 21 Disney clocks, and see some of my trinkets.


It would seem that I have a kindred spirit living quite close to me.  I am a former travel agent who specialized in Disney vacations.  Now of course I plan our own several times of year and indoctrinate my son into all things Disney.


One day I hope to meet this woman who seems to be a lot like me.  Until then, it is nice to know that in our little corner of the world, so far away from a Disney Resort, there are two of us wonderful Disney Freaks.



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