Indiana Jones Review 2007

“Snakes? Why did it have to be snakes!"  Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye! Indiana Jones is one of the best (maybe even the best) ride in Disneyland. This action packed jeep thrill ride will please anyone, Indy fan or not.

Not so much of a toddler ride, but more of a teenager - adult ride. Indiana Jones Adventure took place in the year in the year 1936 in the Lost Delta. Indiana Jones and his friend Sallah need to raise money to continue their dig, so they start a tour of the Temple there, but sure enough something goes wrong. People are starting to vanish for some reason and the convoy jeeps giving the tours are going out of control.

 It's now your turn to take the tour and discover the truth about the temple. When you get to the ride you will realize the queue is pretty long. I recommend a fast-pass, but if you like standing around talking to friends, be my guest and get in the regular line.

 When the ride first opened, Cast Members would hand out decoder cards to decrypt secret codes within the temple. The cards aren't handed out any more and the Cast members only let five or so guests into the temple at a time now, so there isn't really time to stop and read the walls. You can get a copy of the card at the Indiana Jones outpost across from the ride from a cast member or you can buy a card on eBay for a few bucks. I am sure the cast members won't mind if you walk through the temple slowly and truly enjoy the queue.

The inside of the temple (queue) is really amazing! You really get a feeling of excitement. Along the way you will go into a cave (with bats), a spike room with a bamboo stick saying don't tug (tug it anyway and see way happens), and an abyss with a rope going down into it saying don't pull (pull it anyway). You will also see a video, in which Sallah explains the ride for you. He gives you explicit instructions not to look into the eye's of Mara, the ruler of the temple. Right before you begin to board the ride, make sure to ask the cast member (boarding riders) to sit in the front row.


It's a lot more fun sitting at the drivers seat than in the back. Once buckled in, the ride starts. If you have younger children, I suggest sitting them between two adults or to hold on to them because there will be a bumpy ride ahead. Leave anyone under 5 behind because they might get frightened. The transport starts, but you soon realize that you aren't controlling the car anymore. I don't want to ruin the ride for anyone, but you meet Mara, cross a rope bridge with Lava below, escape a snake room, dodge poisonous darts, and finally help Indiana Jones as you barely slide under a 20ft boulder.

The Raiders March plays and you feel exhilarated. This is a one of a kind ride that shouldn't be missed on your next trip to Disneyland. I haven't found a ride like this one anywhere and it makes Indiana Jones Adventure even more special. Every time I go to Disneyland, I always go on this ride the most. Being an Indiana Jones fan, obviously this is my favorite ride in the world, but I think that most people can't admit that this ride is probably better than there favorite ride. Definitely hit Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye a few times on your next visit to Disneyland. You won't be disappointed.


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