Interview with Kids Aged 1 to 3: Disneyland Likes and Dislikes

We have set up an interview for children based on their age.  This was done with all of our message board members and here are the questions and results.  The information here will give you a great idea of what kids between the ages of 1 and 3 like and don’t like.


If you would like to submit answers for your child, please submit the answers, your child’s name and age and email them to  




Age 1 – 3 Questions:


1.  What is your favorite ride?


2.  Who is your favorite character?


3.  What ride is your least favorite?


4.  Are you afraid of any character?


5.  Are you afraid of any ride?


6.  Favorite Souvenir





From Molly, age 3:


1.   Peter Pan

2.   Cinderella and Ariel

3.   Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

4.   Monsters

  1. Haunted House, Pirates, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride




From Peyton, age 19 months:



Payton - Age 19 months


1.  It's a toss up between Dumbo & Pirates of the Caribbean

2.  Mickey Mouse

             3. The Stroller - I absolutely loved everything I was big enough to ride

4.   Nope

5.       Nope, I probably would have went on Roller Coasters if I was big enough.  I'm a little dare devil!



From Schae, age 3:


            1.  Carousel

2.  Cinderella

3.   "Scary Bear"  aka Matterhorn

4.   Max

5.      Tower of Terror




From a 2 year old girl:


1.       Small World

2.       Minnie Mouse

3.       Roger Rabbit

4.       Captain Hook

5.       Mr Toads Wild Ride & Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin



From a 3 year old girl:


1.   Gadget's Go Coaster (ToonTown)
2.   Cinderella
3.   Snow White's Scary Adventure
4.   Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (saw them once at Plaza Inn Breakfast)
5.   Snow White's Scary Adventure & Pinocchio's Daring Journey





From Joshua, age 3 ½:



1.   Buzz Lightyear and Dumbo

2.   Lighting McQueen

3.  Can't answer

4.   No, his response: I didn't want to see any of the pretty girls

5.   Materhorn was "kinda" scary.



From a 16-month old girl:


1.   Dumbo

2.   Scared of most, but seemed to be amused by the Princesses, human    beings

3.   Didn’t care for the other rides

4.   Didn’t like any "outfit" character, including Mickey Mouse, and most others.

5.   Afraid of most, except for the fantasy land rides.



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