Interview with Kids ages 4 to 6 for Disneyland Likes and Dislikes

We have set up an interview for children based on their age.  This was done with all of our message board members and here are the questions and results.  The information here will give you a great idea of what kids between the ages of 4 and 6 like and don’t like.


If you would like to submit answers for your child, please submit the answers, your child’s name and age and email them to 



Ages 4 – 6


1.  What is your favorite ride?


2.  Why is that your favorite ride?


3.  Who is your favorite character?


4.  Is there a character you are afraid of?


5.  What ride have you been on but don’t like?


6.  Are you afraid to go on any ride?


7.      What ride would you tell a friend to ride?


8.      What is your favorite souvenir?


9.      What is your favorite show?



Lainey , age 4


1.   Big ThunderMountain Railroad


2.   she likes the motion of the ride and the tunnel


3.   all the princesses (Ariel most of all)


4.  pirates in general


5.   Tower of Terror


6.   Tower of Terror (we told the kids they had to try every ride they could fit on at least once. The pre-show movie scared both kids


 7SplashMountain (cause you get wet)


8.      Disney princess Polly Pockets


9.      Turtle Talk with Crush




Alex  (boy) Age 4


1.   Tie – It’s a Small World and HauntedMansion


2.   Because of the Windmills (Small World), HauntedMansion – hitchhiking ghosts.


3.   Mickey and Minnie


4.   Foulfellow


5.   Big ThunderMountain Railroad


6.   Tower of Terror


7.   Star Tours


8.  Zurg, and R2D2 and C3PO


9.  Electric Parade




Gabrielle, age 4

1. Pirates of the caribean

2.  She likes when the cannons are shot in the water it splashes her in the face. Also likes the skeletons.

3. Jasmine

4. Kind of a little afraid of the pirate who taught her the secret pirate signal.

5.  Didn't like hitting her head on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad but would ride again.

6. SplashMountain, maybe when I'm 10

7. Peter Pan

8. Her color changing wand from the parade.

9. Turtle Talk with Crush.

10. What is your favorite parade? Parade of dreams.




Charlie, age 4


1.   The one where you fly around and look at the whole city. (Soaring)


2.   Because you can see Disneyland at the end with lots of fireworks.


3.   I liked Pluto the best when we saw him at Goofy's Kitchen.


4.   Witches - I don't like Ursula.


5.   Pinocchio’s Daring Journey


6.   Snow White, because there is a witch


7.   SpaceMountain


8.   My pirate sword


9.  The one with the big turtle that says Dude!




Cody, age 5


1.   POTC


2.   The Drops


3.   Donald Duck


4.   Baloo


5.   Gadgets Go Coaster


6.   Indiana Jones


7.   Haunted Mansion


8.   Mickey Pirate Ears


9.   Parade of Dreams







Nolan, Age 6


1.   tie - Big Thunder and Pirates of the Carribbean


2.  Big Thunder - goes real fast. Pirates - because it looks so cool


3.   Mickey Mouse


4.   Queen of Hearts (she kept hitting his hat off, lol)


5.   Indiana Jones


6.   Tower of Terror (cause of the videos again)


7.   Big Thunder


8.  pirate stuff (sword, beads, guns)


9.  Muppets 3D





Gabriel, almost 6


1.   Buzz Lightyear


2.   because it is always fun


3.   Mickey Mouse


4.   Mr. Toad


5.   Pirates of the Caribbean , but I like the movie


6.   Its a small world, its always boring.


7.   Pirates of the Caribbean



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