Interview with Kids ages 7 to 10: Disneyland Likes and Dislikes

We have set up an interview for children based on their age.  This was done with all of our message board members and here are the questions and results.  The information here will give you a great idea of what kids between the ages of 7 and 10 like and don’t like.


If you would like to submit answers for your child, please submit the answers, your child’s name and age and email them to  



Questions for Ages 7 - 10


1.  What is your favorite ride?


2.  Why is that your favorite ride?


3.  What is your least favorite ride?


4.  Why is that your least favorite ride?


5.  Do you have a favorite character?  If so, who?


6.  What is your most favorite thing to do at the park (Disneyland or WDW)?


7.  What is your favorite Souvenir?


8.  What is your favorite Show/Parade?




Chase, age 7


1.  POTC/Autopia


2.  TheDrops/ I get to drive the cars


3.  Tea Cups


4.  Too Kiddie


5.  If so, who? Mickey Mouse


6.  Ride all the rides


7.  Mickey Pirate Ears


8.  High School Musical





Stephan, age 7


1.  Indiana Jones


2.  Because I like the boulder part.


3.  Alice in Wonderland


4.  Because it's stupid.


5.  Stitch


6. Ride rides.


7.  Light saber.  


8.  Parade of the Stars




Chase, age 10


1.  CA Screamin


2.  The Loop de loop


3.  Carousel


4.  Its for little kids


5.  Yes, Mickey


6.  Participating in the JediTrainingAcademy.  (Close second  the Redwood Park-with the rope climbing etc.)


7.  Clone Trooper Gun


8.  JediTraining  Academy



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