It is Nice to be Back!

After a health ordeal I am finally back.  A six month migraine made it impossible to put a thought together, so writing was impossible.  Now I am being treated for a serious case of TMJ and it has helped greatly.  While I am still having issues with headaches, the never-ending migraine is gone!


It is wonderful to be able to think again.  Oh, I am not 100%, but will certainly take what I can get at this point.


I started TMJ treatment just a few weeks before our Spring Break trip to Disneyland.  By the time we went, headache was much better and we had a blast at Disneyland.


There were a lot of changes since our trip a year ago.  The CALIFORNIA letters in front of Disney's California Adventure are gone.  A large part of the whole park was boarded up.


What we did see where the trolley tracks in the Hollywood Backlot, and all of the equipment for ElecTRONica


We did not get to enjoy ElecTRONica since it only operates on weekends in the off season. 


Hopefully we will be able to go back in June to see the new Star Tours, the Little Mermaid ride, and Goofy's Sky School.  They are all due to open on June 3rd and our whole family is very excited.  Especially for the new Star Tours.


Alex has gone Star Tours freaky in the past week.  It is all he wants to do.  He watches old ride videos, runs around the house with his old Star Speeder, and could not wait until he could get the new Star Speeder from the new ride.  Fortunately we were able to get that for him on ebay, but Alex wants it NOW.  Patience is not always his strong point, and he is the first to admit that.


What I really want though, is to get back to Disneyland for Christmas.  It has been two years since we have seen 'it's a small world holiday' and we miss it.  Two years ago we did WDW for Christmas.  Had a great time, but it just wasn't the same.  I would like to go back there for Christmas, but this year it must be Disneyland.


I am one of the keys to making these trips happen.  Now that I can write again, I just need to focus on my favorite things (aside from my 'boys' and 'girls' that I love dearly - all family) Disneyland, Walt Disney World and everything within the amazing world of Disney.


Yes, I am back, and am really enjoying writing.  It may not come as easy as it did before, but it is happening.  When I am completely healthy I should be totally back to the writing machine I was before.

Did I tell you I love to write?  Well, I do, and have since childhood.  I am not really creative, so it is a good thing I have the love I have for Disney.  Disney is creative - I just write about it :)


And here's to a year filled with Disney trips!

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