It's A Small World Holiday Review (2006)

It’s a Small World is one of the attractions at Disneyland that is given a complete makeover for the holiday season each year.  Both inside the attraction and the outer façade are all decked out in Christmas lights and decorations.  Even the music changes during the holiday season.


The façade of It’s A Small World looks almost normal in the daytime, unless you look closely and see the Christmas lights that are not on yet.  Once it becomes dark though this attraction alone can make you believe you are in a Winter Wonderland.  In a flurry of lights, mainly red, the building is magically transformed.  The topiary animals that reside next to the building also have decorative lights but theirs are white.  This is a beautiful sight to see each year at Disneyland between November and early January.


Once you enter the attraction you will immediately notice two differences.  The first is in the music.  You will not just hear the Small World theme song.  Instead you will find it interspersed with Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls.  The changes in the musical alone are a wonderful part of this holiday makeover but that is not the only change made each year.  The characters are also all decked out for the holidays.  You will see Christmas decorations in each country you sail through, and the decorations used fit perfectly with they style of each country.


It’s A Small World Holiday is not the normal ride.  Instead it is much more festive, and not nearly as repetitive.  This is a must see for all visitors to Disneyland during the holiday season.


One other brilliant addition to this attraction in recent years has been a show on the façade of the attraction.  This show happens every fifteen minutes once it gets dark.  Projections are displayed on the façade to a musical soundtrack that include much music from Babes in Toyland.  This is one site that you should take the time to enjoy.  If you are not already in the holiday spirit before you see this show, you will be by the time it ends!


In 2006 we were there for Christmas.  It was our third time, but Alex’s second – his first being in 2003, and at that time they did not do the show on the buildings façade.  Both the ride and the show – which Alex calls ‘colors’ were a big hit with him on our Christmas trip, and for us adults, we also found the ride much more enjoyable that then normal It’s A Small World.  I think I enjoyed ‘colors’ as much as Alex did, and highly recommend not only the ride, but the show as well.

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