History of Jasmine

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is a Princess with her own mind. She does not want to be married to just anyone simply because she must be married before her next birthday when she will turn 16. It was 1992 when we first met this young girl with a head full of romance when Disney's Aladdin entered theaters.

Jasmine is a dreamer and she wants to marry for love. She wants someone to fall in love with her not because she is a Princess, but because of her personality.

Being the headstrong young woman that Jasmine is, she decides to run away to find happiness. The man she falls in love with, unbeknownst to her is a thief who is well known in the local market. He saves her life when she doesn't have the money to pay for an apple, and is accused of theft.

Jasmine doesn't tell Aladdin that she is a Princess; instead she leads him to believe she is a commoner, and he quickly falls in love.

The Sultan is very happy when his daughter is brought back and she tells him he is in love.

With the help of a Genie, Jasmine and Aladdin can finally be together after many trials and tribulations keeping them apart.

The original Disney version of Aladdin took home an academy award for best original song. 'A Whole New World' is the song sung by Aladdin and Jasmine while flying on Carpet. Aladdin also won for best music, original score. Jasmine and Aladdin have gone on to star in several direct to DVD movies.

Linda Larkin was the speaking voice for Jasmine and Lea Salonga provided her singing voice for the film.

Jasmine is also becoming well known as a video game character in Kingdom Hearts, where she plays one of the Princesses of Heart.

While Princess Jasmine doesn't have a castle named after her she does have a children's show at Disneyland at Aladdin's Oasis; where she is joined by the love of her life, Aladdin; so she can tell her story daily in Adventureland.

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