Jedi Training Review 2008

Jedi Training Academy Review from the Inside – April, 2008


While at Minnie and Friends for breakfast we had been told to make a sign for Alex to give him a better chance of being picked for Jedi Training.


I happened to have a piece of paper with me, and made the sign.  It read:


Pick Me Please

I have the Force in Me


After we left breakfast that morning, Jedi Training was already getting ready to start so we hurried over, and Alex was able to squeeze in on the front row right at the edge of the stage.  He happened to be standing with someone else who had a sign.


When they come out to select the participants they always start in the middle.  Then they do the sides.  Alex and the girl next to her were both jumping up and down, and were both selected!


Once selected the children pick up their robe and are directed to a spot on the floor to await further instructions. 


After all children were selected, light sabers were handed out and the children were taught how to use them.  These are not the same light sabers we have at home, so Alex had to be taught. 


Next the children are taught the moves.  Left Shoulder, right shoulder, left leg, right leg, duck, head.  They practice this several times before they are all taken off stage.


Darth Vader, Darth Maul and the Storm Troupers come out next.


Alex was chosen to fight Darth Vader – good since he is afraid of Darth Maul.  While he did not actually follow what they learned, he did do a great job thanks to the light saber fights we have at home, and he quickly defeated Darth Vader.


Once each child has fought a villain, Yoda tells Darth Vader that he can’t turn any of these kids to the Dark Side.  They end up leaving.  The kids have saved the day!


After the children return the light sabers and robes, each one will get a certificate showing that they have completed Jedi Training.


This was an experience Alex totally loved.  He had a fantastic time fighting Darth Vader, and I am sure we will have this special memory forever.  The certificate itself will be framed an hung in his room.


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