Jungle Cruise Review (2006)

Disneyland's Jungle Cruise has been through many changes over the years yet it still brings big crowds on a daily basis.

Jungle Cruise has a queue that can be misleading from the outdoors. When the lines are very long the queue goes upstairs and then down and when short it is a quick walkthrough. The queue is designed as an outpost for short boat tours.

The ride takes place on one of many tourist boats with a guide. Each boat holds about 40 people. Throughout your short cruise you will hear many corny jokes, some more funny than others. This is one attraction were the at times the cast members will improvise their scripts. You will see various animals such as elephants, rhinoceros, deer, zebra's, hippopotamus, and new this year, man eating piranhas.

The Jungle Cruise takes you through what else - a jungle. During the ride, be sure to take note of the back side of water, the lions protecting the zebra, and the hippos. For a time, Disney stopped the use of guns during this ride (used to scare off an attacking hippo), but the guns are now back and the Disney faithful are happy.

With the addition of the man eating piranhas the Jungle Cruise ride did not get longer but there is no longer a bare spot during the tour. This is a great attraction for both children and adults. Children will not find it scary and adults will find it relaxing and fun. The scenery for this attraction is very well done, and it is wonderful to enjoy one of the original rides from Disneyland's opening day.

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