Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Review, December 2009

Did you ever dream of saving the world someday?  Did you ever want to be a secret agent?  Did you ever just want an excuse to go into a World Showcase pavilion?  Are you an adult full of adventure?  Are you a child?  Are you simply a kid at heart?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Kim Possible Adventure is definitely for you!


To get started you need to get to a recruitment center.  You will find one in Innoventions, one on the Road to Tomorrow, and one on the Odyssey Bridge.  Once you arrive at a recruitment center you can simply put your Key to the World card into the information booth.  You will then get your first assignment.  Your paper will give you a time, and a location.  Simply go to the location at the appointed time, and you will be all set to start your adventure.


Once you go to your secret location, you will be given a Kimmunicator, and given a choice of Pavilions.  Your super secret Kimmunicator is a great resource for you when doing your task.  Do not lose your Kimmunicator!


Shortly after getting your new Kimmunicator it will let you know that you have a message.  Wade, the tech savvy boy who helps Kim Possible will tell you what is happening and where you need to go. 


You will be doing your assignment in one Pavilion and have many tasks there.  Once you complete each task you let Wade know and he will send you on to the next job.  You will be told to look for specific things in a Pavilion.  Often Wade gives you a picture to help you find what you are looking for.


Once you finish your Adventure you can choose to do another, or quit there.  If you decide to quit you will be given a location to drop off your Kimmunicator.


We did three of the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventures.  The first one was just Alex and me.  I have to say that it took me a while to figure out what was happening.  I had thought at one point that we would be going from Pavilion to Pavilion.  That is not the case.  Your whole mission is done in the same Pavilion.


Our first mission was to defeat Lord Monkeyfist and his monkey ninjas in the China Pavilion.  We had to save the Jade Monkey.  This was a pretty tall task for someone who had never seen Kim Possible and had no clue what to do.  Thank goodness I had Alex with me to help!  Our first mission took forever but was an absolute blast!  We had to spend time in the shops, on the grounds and throughout the whole Pavilion.  This was a wonderful perk to being a secret spy!  Alex and I were lucky and we did save the Jade Monkey from the evil Lord Monkeyfist.   We saw several other people doing the mission as well in China.


Alex is seven years old, and I am in my forties.  We both absolutely loved doing the Kim Possible challenge.  We enjoyed it so much we talked Andy into doing it with us later.


The next adventure we went on was in France.  Here we not only saw other people with Kimmunicators, but we saw many with a different set of tasks for their mission.  Our second mission only took about 30 minutes for us to complete.  This time we had time for another mission, so we completed a third mission in Japan.


Being a secret spy to help save the world is one of the most fun things we have done at a Disney park.  This was amazing.


There are certain things that happen in the mission that the standard guest never get a chance to see.  Have you ever seen a rock light up?  Or something simply appear in a space that was empty before?  You will find special magic when doing the Kim Possible Adventure that you will miss by skipping this adventure.


Since coming home we all now watch Kim Possible.  While it is no longer being made, the shows are sill on the Disney Channel, at time that you must DVR or Tivo them in order to watch.  Alex is thrilled when he sees a show with the villains we had to defeat.


Disney says that there are 7 Missions.  That is correct in that there are missions at just 7 of the Pavilions.  But each mission there can be different, yet the same.  All secret spies are after the same villain, but you may go about defeating your foe in a different way that other spies.  If you are doing the same tasks, be sure to let the team in front of you finish before you do your task.


Our whole family absolutely loved the Kim Possible Adventure.  We now watch the show daily as a family.


The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is something I will absolutely recommend to all guests at Epcot.  This is a fantastic way to get that extra magic you may be looking for!


Leanne (Tink on the DisneyMouseLinks forums)

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