La Brea Dinning Review for Breakfast (2007)

La Brae Bakery is located in Downtown Disney. It is the closest eating establishment to the park. My children and I ate breakfast at La Brea on March 27, 2007. It was a very chilly morning and the inside was packed, therefore we had to sit outside. There are outdoor heaters all around the patio area so it was very nice. We got to enjoy the fresh morning air and stay warm. The kids were given color sheets and crayons to keep themselves busy.

Our waiter was named Jorge. He was very polite and attentive. He had our drinks out very quickly. My daughter had milk, my son had an orange juice, and I had coffee. They serve whole milk so be aware. If you drink skim at home, whole milk is a different taste. Molly was unsure of the milk at first, but liked it tremendously! Gabriel's Orange juice was nothing special, not any pulp, not very strong, not super sweet. My coffee was excellent. The best part was it came with real cream. This was quite a decadent treat for me.

The children's menu is $5.50 for any of the different choices. Both of my children had the pancakes with eggs. Both children had their eggs scrambled. They were perfect. The eggs were light, fluffy, and yellow. I mention color as we eat fresh from the chicken eggs and the yolk tends to be more orange in color. Appearance is a big thing when feeding the little ones, so this was something my Molly noticed. They each received three small pancakes, about the size of a drink coaster. I loved that they put the syrup in individual serving cups. This way they could dunk their pancakes instead of having a plate of syrup mixing with their eggs.

I ordered the Italian Sausage omelet. It was served with home-style potatoes and toasted sourdough bread. The omelet was prepared with at least two eggs. It was very fluffy. The omelet had no cheese in it. So if you like cheese, make sure you ask for it. The omelet stuffing was Italian sausage, onions, and green peppers. I am a big girl and I could not eat this entire tasty treat. Served with the omelet were home-style potatoes. This is cut up squares of fried potatoes. There was some seasoning on the potatoes were made them very savory. They were a bit dry so I added catsup. The sourdough bread was excellent. It had been buttered and then toasted on a grill. I added some extra butter and a little bit of jelly.

We were not made to feel rushed or unwelcome. Our drinks were never empty and our dirty plates were picked up before we left. The bill came to $22.63. That excludes the tip. This is a little pricey, but the food was excellent and the portions were quite large. I will definitely go back there again.

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