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Last Minute Travel dot com is a website that gives you access to hotels, car rentals and airline tickets at deep discounts.  A few months ago we decided to give this company a try.


I had already had us confirmed at the Anaheim Fairfield Inn for a bit over $110 a night.  When we started playing around with Last Minute we really liked how easy it was to use.  When looking for a hotel you can pick your location and star rating.  You will NOT see the hotel name until you make your choice and reserve a hotel.  What you WILL see are the details of each hotel.


For example, you will see how far your hotel is from Disneyland.  You will know how many restaurants or lounges there are and the room type you will be getting.  You just won't know which hotel you are looking at until you book it.


So we decided to give LMT a try and were actually able to book our hotel of choice, the Anaheim Fairfield Inn! We were able to figure this out based on what the hotel had and where it was located so we had a pretty good idea we were going to get the Fairfield Inn, but it was not guaranteed. So when I saw this I was really excited because we love this place.  Once the reservation was complete they sent an email.  A bit later they sent an email to let us know it was confirmed.


Being the worry wart that I am, I called the Fairfield Inn to make sure they had our reservation, and sure enough they did.  Three days before our trip I called the hotel directly and was able to give my Marriott Rewards number and request a room with two queen beds.


Check in at the hotel was it's normal breeze.  Everything was as if I had made the reservation directly with the hotel.  No confirmation from Last Minute Travel was needed, and things went like clock work.  We got to the room and it was exactly what we had asked for.  It wasn't a cheap facsimile of the hotels other rooms. 


In the end, switching from a direct booking to Last Minute Travel saved us more than $200 in our four night stay.  And we found out that the hotel was completely sold out, yet we had no problems at all.


Last Minute Travel .com is a great option for people who want to save a few dollars and have a reliable company for confirming your hotel at the Disneyland Resort.  We can highly recommend the service.

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