Mad Tea Party Review (2006)

The Mad Tea Party ride, also known as the Teacups, is located in Fantasyland next to the Alice in Wonderland attraction.

This attraction has large Teacups for guests to sit in during the ride. Each Teacup is then on a spinning wheel, four cups to a spinner. While the attraction is in motion, each spinner moves around the base for the ride at a rather sedate motion. Each Teacup also has a 'wheel' on it which can be turned to facilitate faster individual cup spinning.

The duration of this ride is pretty short but it is loved by many children including our almost 4 year old. It is best to ride the Mad Tea Party early in the day before the queues get to long. If that is not an option, the queues are also usually shorter during parades.

While the guide books give warnings for this attraction because of motion sickness I was able to ride the Teacups (although with a great deal of fear). Fortunately, the fear was unwarranted and I sailed through the ride with no problems. I do wear the Transdermscope patch because of severe motion sickness, which I'm sure helped; but even with the patch on there are rides that make me a little woozy. The Mad Tea Party was not one of those rides. Instead I was able to completely enjoy this attraction with my almost four year old son, who loved the teacups.

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