Magic Kingdom Quick Review from May 2008

Mom (32) says:  SaveMagicKingdom for your last visit at Walt Disney World!  The other parks will fail in comparison to MagicKingdom!  Cinderella’s Castle is beautiful from every angle.  While MagicKingdom has many rides and you can feel rushed to get it all done, there are many quiet spots to stop and relax too.  You WILL get wet on SplashMountain!  There is lots of pavement at MagicKingdom but there is also lots of foliage and landscaping to marvel at.

Dad (34) says:  MagicKingdom was crowded.  Of all the World it was the most crowded.  I didn’t like the parades.  The castle is nice.  Fantasyland was surprisingly the least crowded part of MagicKingdom.  I liked the architecture at MagicKingdom. 

Daughter (14) says:  The castle is pretty cool.  So is the mosaic inside the castle.  Liberty Square was cool. 

Son (4) says:  I liked the rides (and something about a show with a train but Mommy can’t think of what he’s talking about!).


Favorite Rides:

Mom:  Peter Pan’s Flight

Dad:  Buzz Lightyear (even though I lost) and Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

Daughter:  Haunted Mansion

Son:  Tomorrowland Transit Authority and Haunted Mansion



Mom:  Get there early to beat the crowds!  Eat outside at Cosmic Rays for great views of the Castle while you eat. 

Dad:   Take your time getting through MagicKingdom.  Leave for a swim break then come back after you are re-charged.

Daughter:  Don’t go on a busy, hot day, it’s not pleasant.  Don’t watch the fireworks, ride rides instead.  Wishes at Disney World is not good like Believe at Disneyland.  Don’t watch the parade either. 

Son:  Ride Tomorrowland Transit Authority backwards so you feel like you go fast.


This Review was contributed by Mynde, aka Esmeralda on the DisneyMouseLinks message boards.  Thanks Mynde!



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