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Wow it has been forever since we have been to Disneyland!  Right now there are very tentative plans for a trip in March but it is so tentative we probably won't be able to do that trip.


We have Annual Passes for Walt Disney World and we have no current plans for a trip there either until October.  This is very unusual for us because we usually have another trip planned while on our vacation, but not this time.


A car accident, a health issue that kept me from writing and life just got in the way.  Andy got a new car out of the car accident, but unfortunately now we have a car payment.  My health issue is getting better day by day and I hope to be able to write an article a day.  This of course is my article for today.


I really need to get back to Disneyland soon though.  Captain EO is there and I really want to see that show again.  I have my fingers crossed that Honey I Shrunk the Audience will never return.


World of Color is set to debut this Spring.  I absolutely can't wait to see that show!  If we end up taking that trip in March we will be too early for World of Color.


And then to top it off, the one year anniversary of D23 happens on March 10th.  We were there for the debut, but won't be there for the anniversary. 


Since I love sitting in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle I could even get us great seats for the fireworks again.


A trip to Disneyland really needs to happen soon.  I think I am in withdrawal.  The signs are there and can't be ignored. 


There is a new breakfast with Mickey that I am dying to try at the Paradise Pier Hotel.  I won't miss Lilo and Stitch at all. 


I have visions of waking up and deciding that THIS is the day we will play hooky and go to Disneyland.  That day is yet to come.  We are no longer spontaneous.  There are responsibilities that we must take care of that need advance notice. 


Another trip to Disneyland will happen but probably not anytime soon.


Visit out forums to see what one of our responsibilities is now.  There are pictures of the cutest Pixie in the world. 


I hope you enjoyed my mishmash of thoughts in this article, and may my yearnings be your yearnings.  Oh, and does it count if I just say this:  I MISS DISNEYLAND.



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