History of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse began as a simple sketch with a different name. While his original name is one we are now familiar with because of Disney's House of Mouse the new name is one we will never forget.

The original name for Mickey Mouse was to be Mortimer Mouse. Lucky for us Walt Disney's wife Lillian didn't like that name.

Mickey Mouse was 'born' in 1928 when he first appeared in the black and white cartoon Steamboat Willie on November 18th. This film was completed and shown after the first movie Plane Crazy was made… and shown as a sneak preview in May 1928. Because of the lackluster reception at the preview of Plane Crazy the film never opened. The second film with Mickey Mouse, called Gallopin' Goucho, also was never seen by wide audiences. Mickey Mouse then made his official debut in New York with Steamboat Willie. Unlike the first two films this one had sound which helped it to be loved by audiences everywhere. This film was very well received and Mickey Mouse went on to star in more than 120 movies.

Mickey Mouse himself never said a word until 1928… in the Karnival Kids. Walt Disney himself until 1946 was the original voice for Mickey Mouse followed by Jim MacDonald. Jim MacDonald then voiced Mickey Mouse for the next 30 years. Finally Wayne Allwine, who is the voice of Mickey still today, was the third person to voice Mickey Mouse.

In 1935's The Band Concert, Mickey Mouse made his first movie appearance in color. This led to Mickey Mouse's first full-length feature film. In 1940, Fantasia made its debut and the world met Sorcerer Mickey from the Sorcerer's Apprentice for the first time.

In addition to cartoons, Mickey Mouse also appeared on his television show, The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950's.

Mickey Mouse has become the most well known character in the world. He is the official greeter for the Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks and is well loved by children and adults alike.

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