Mickey's Trick or Treat Party

Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party happens on select nights during the Halloween Time celebration at the Disneyland Resort.  This party occurs at Disney’s California Adventure.


In 2008, tickets for this party were $37.00 each, or $25.00 for annual pass holders.


During Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party you enter the park with your party ticket and stop immediately to pick up trick or treat bags if you did not bring your own.  A few feet past this area are cast members with a schedule.  This schedule will give you a map showing the trick or treat locations, meet and greet areas, dance parties, and the time of the Character Cavalcade.


After you pick up the trick or treat bags you have a few choices to make.  These choices are fully dependant on what you want to do for the evening.


If you feel like dancing, straight ahead in SunPlaza is a dance party where you can dance with Cast Members in costume.  You will hear popular dance music during this party, which goes on for the whole party.


Another dance party is located near Monsters Inc. where you can dance with the Pixar characters at the Hollywood “Bat-lot Bash”. Again you will hear popular dance music most of which is well-known music from the ‘80’s.  Can you hula hoop?  Try it out here or just watch everyone else!


Finally, ‘Pirate’ Warf is another area where you will find a dance party to enjoy.


Each of these party locations offers dancing, games and more for your entertainment if you don’t want to trick or treat all night long.


If you don’t want to dance, you can take any one of the paths through the park to begin trick or treating.  There are several stations set up throughout Disney’s California Adventure. The special park map you picked up has the location of each of the trick or treat stations.  At many of these stations you will have the option to get apple slices, raisins, or dried fruit instead of candy.


For those of you with character loving family members there are meet and greet areas set up through the park where you can meet various characters.  Each character or set of characters have their own location.  Options for the meet and greet are:


- Mickey and Minnie

- Disney Pirate Pals

- Disney Princesses

- Disney Villains

- Playhouse Disney Characters

- Pixar Characters


If you do plan on seeing the characters, be prepared for very long, slow moving lines at each station.


For those of you that would like to enjoy the attractions during this party, the rides are open!  We found no line at Soarin’ Over California, Monsters Inc., and Tower of Terror.  Mulholland Madness had a line that was just 15 minutes, and the brand new Toy Story Mania* was 30-45 minutes.  California Screamin’ looked to be a walk-on.  Obviously these wait times will vary each night of the party, but it does give you an idea for planning purposes.


Toward the end of the party you can save a seat for the Character Cavalcade.  Your schedule has been marked to show the locations where this parade will stop and a show will commence.  It is not necessary to wait for a long period before the parade, but if you do not get a front row seat, please be considerate of those that do.  We did have problems with parents pushing their children in front of our family, and then joining them, completely blocking our view.  We like to believe this is not a common occurrence, but it does happen on occasion. 


In addition to rides being open, many of the restaurants are open as well.  They are still open and the party is still going on after the Character Cavalcade so if you are not ready to leave, by all means, continue to have fun!


This party is the only time adults can dress up while at the Disneyland Resort.  It is a fun experience for both adults and children, and it is a lot of fun to just people watch if you want to relax.  Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party is great fun for kids of all ages.  Here there is something literally for everyone. 


* For more information on Toy Story Mania, click here.

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