History of Minnie Mouse

Like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse was also born in 1928 in the debut of Steamboat Willie. She appeared in approximately 73 cartoons with Mickey Mouse (including Plane Crazy before Steamboat Wille and Gallopin' Goucho - which was shown after the debut of Steamboat Willie) and Pluto since 1928 and can be seen now on the Disney Channel's House of Mouse.

In popularity Minnie Mouse runs a close second to Mickey Mouse. 1986 was declared Minnie's Year at the Disney theme parks. During this year she became much better known and finally received the recognition she deserved for so long.

Many ladies have done the voice of Minnie Mouse. Marcellite Garner first voiced Minnie Mouse. Next to voice Minnie Mouse was Thelma Boardman from 1940-1942 and Ruth Clifford from 1942-1952. These ladies all came from Disney's Ink and Paint Department at the Disney Studio. Finally, in 1986 Russi Taylor became the voice of Minnie Mouse and still does her voice today.

Over the years we have seen both Mickey Mouse and Mortimer Mouse compete for Minnie's affections. As with all happy ending stories, Mickey Mouse always wins Minnie's heart. The rivalry between the two first began in the cartoon Mickey's Rival.

In 1988 Minnie Mouse got her own starring role on television in Totally Minnie. This was a musical television special with Suzanne Sommers as the host; and guest appearances by Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. In this television show, Minnie sang a duet with Elton John on the song "Don't Go Breakin My Heart". She also taught Robert Carradine, who played a nerd, how to be totally cool at the "Minnie Mouse Center for the Totally Un-hip". This television show was Minnie's very first starring role.

Minnie Mouse is also known world wide and is a prominent figure at the Disney theme parks. Often seen with Mickey Mouse, these two are a pair we all root for and love to pose with while visiting a Disney park.

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