MNSSHP at the Magic Kingdom vs MHP at Disneyland

Sometimes Disney does it right, while other times they seem to just take the cheap way out.


Over and over Disneyland has borrowed things from WDW and in turn Walt Disney World has borrowed things from Disneyland.  Take for example Soarin' over California.  This attraction began at Disney's California Adventure.  It was such a huge hit that it was put into Epcot Center a few years later.  Buzz Lightyear, a hit at the Magic Kingdom was later put into Disneyland's Tomorrowland as well.


After talking to people have been to both the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom and Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland, and talking to the owners of this site, I have found that there are plenty of examples of Disney's taking the cheap way out.


While Walt Disney World has been doing Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party for years, the party at Disneyland is less than 10 years old, and began at Disney's California Adventure.  WDW has had years to perfect their party.  The parade, the fireworks and the characters on display.  The special shows and very special meet and greet opportunities.


Both parks have special Halloween Parades.  At the Magic Kingdom you will see the Boo to You parade.  This parade features a headless horseman's ride before the parade begins.  And during the parade you will see hitchhiking ghosts, grave diggers, scary villains and you will hear catchy music.  At Disneyland you will see the Character Cavalcade.  This short parade features costumed characters.  There are no grave diggers, no ghosts, and no 'I Want Candy' music.


The parades are a huge example of Disney being ultra cheap.  Disney could easily have 'borrowed' the Boo to You parade, providing a wonderful parade experience on both coasts, yet instead the visitors to Mickey's Halloween Party seem to get the 'Five and Dime' version of a Halloween Parade.


Both Parties feature a special Halloween version of fireworks.  At the MNSSHP you will see Hallowishes.  At Mickey's Halloween Party you will see Halloween Screams.  These two displays are similar and are great on both coasts.  Each display is exclusive to the party guests.  While Walt Disney World has approximately 30  parties during the season, Disneyland has a mere 10 parties.  It is understandable that there are more parties at Walt Disney World.  there are three other parks to accept the guests who don't have party tickets.  Disneyland just has one other park to funnel those guests into.  There could be more parties, but Disneyland just won't do it.  And since the party has been moved from California Adventure to Disneyland the fireworks display has been cut off from the regular guest.  What this means is that one of the best fireworks displays at both parks is limited to just 10 shows.  Another example of Disney being too cheap to put on more parties?  The obvious answer is yes.  The other answer is no because there could be hidden reasons for only having the party 10 days during the 45 day season.


Walt Disney World's party has the Villains Mix and Mingle show.  Disneyland's party has no show.  The seven dwarfs will not be on display.  There will be no ghosts talking to you outside Haunted Mansion.


But Disneyland has two things that have never been seen at the Magic Kingdom.  Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is a Nightmare Before Christmas overlay to the popular attraction.  This attracts great crowds and is something you will see from late September through the Christmas season.  In addition there is now Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, and ghostly overlay at Space Mountain, also attracting great crowds.  These two attractions are not just for Mickey's Halloween Party.


Disneyland also has the Happiest Haunts Tour, a 3 1/2 hour tour that gives you six rides and 'scary' attractions, a ghost story and a ghostly mystery to solve.


So in some ways it seems Disney has taken the cheap way out.  Specifically the Halloween parade at Disneyland is a poor excuse for a parade while the Boo to You parade at the Magic Kingdom is a fine example of Disney at it best.  Does this make Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party better than Mickey's Halloween Party?  In my opinion yes.  A good parade is part of Disney's history and a Character Cavalcade simply isn't up to the caliber of the Boo to You Parade.


But taking into consideration everything else between the two parks, not just he parties, Disneyland wins for the general Halloween Time decor and attractions.  With Haunted Mansion Holiday, Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, a Day of the Dead display and a show at Big Thunder Mountain Barbecue the things to see and do at Disneyland wins hands down over the Magic Kingdoms general Halloween displays.

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