Naples Ristorante E Pizzeria Review

Naples Ristorante E Pizzeria is a restaurant in Downtown Disney.  As you can probably tell by the name Naples is an Italian Restaurant and this location is for casual dining.  Dressing up is not required here.


Naples has both indoor and outdoor seating and the ambiance is enjoyable.  That is about the only thing enjoyable about Naples.


Normally, we will give a restaurant a few chances before decided it is not worth going back to.  The problem is we hated this place, heard of others who hated it, and will now never go back.


Our meal here was in May of 2001, shortly after Downtown Disney opened.  We had heard no reviews of Naples and being huge fans of pizza, wanted to try out Naples.  This was a huge mistake.


We were seated quickly, and brought bread with oil and vinegar for dipping.  Then we waited and waited for the server to come back.  It was 45 minutes before our Waiter returned to the table to take our order.  We had wanted salads and a pepperoni pizza.  While Naples had pepperoni on some pizzas, they didn’t have a simple pepperoni pizza.  They had what was considered ‘personal’ pizzas.  Since the prices were exorbitant and we were not real hungry; we decided we could just share one.


When we finally had are order taken they did offer to just make a plain Cheese pizza for us.  But unfortunately, they would not allow us to share dinners.  Every person at Naples was required to order there on meal.  We should have left then but we had already invested an hour at the restaurant we decided to give it a shot.


The ‘personal’ pizzas were huge!  Much to large for a person to eat unless they are real hungry.  We each wasted about ½ the pizza since we did not have a refrigerator in your hotel.  It did not help that the pizza at Naples was of lower quality then we could have gotten at Pizza Hut.  After waiting an incredible amount of time to even have our order taken, then another 45 minutes for the food to arrive, this was a big disappointment.  At that time God Fathers was still across the street and we could have gotten much better pizza at ½ the price with a much better atmosphere.


That night, we had 2 beers, one horrible pizza, the bread that came with the meal, and salads.  Our meal was over $50.00.  The food was awful, service was just as bad, and we will never in good conscience recommend this restaurant to anyone. 


We normally will try a restaurant again if we had a bad experience because any restaurant can have a off night.  But we keep hearing the same review (the latest in June 2005) … average, expensive food with poor service.  If you want Italian food find another place such as Napa Rose at the Grand Californian.  Naples is not the one you want to go to even if you are desperate. 

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