Paradise Garden Grill Restaurant Review, October 2011

I had been greatly looking forward to trying one of the newest restaurants at Disney's California Adventure, and in October I got my chance to try it not once, but twice.  This worked out well because I was able to try different menu items.


This Mediterranean Restaurant gives you different choices so that you can mix and match menu items.


First you choose your favorite skewer:  grilled steak, lemon-oregano chicken, spiced ground beef, or tofu and vegetables. 


Once you choose your skewer type, you must then choose your sauce.  There is a spicy Moroccan Chili sauce, a fresh herb and citrus Chimichurri sauce, a Tzatziki cucumber, garlic and Greek yogurt, and finally a Tandoori-spiced yogurt.  The sauce you choose will cover your skewer.


Each skewer is served over a bed of Rice Pilaf and includes a cucumber salad and pita bread.


In addition to the skewers the Paradise Garden Grill also offers a Greek salad as a meal for those who don't want a skewer.  And like its counterpart, Boardwalk Pizza, the Grill also offers two different desserts.  Here you can get a strawberry brownie skewer or baklava.


I have tried both the grilled steak and the chicken skewers.  I thought both were tasty skewer meats.  The sauces I tried were the Moroccan Chili with the grilled steak, and the Chimichurri sauce with the chicken.  Of the two sauces I preferred the Moroccan Chili sauce.  While I found the Chimichurri sauce good, I preferred the spice of the Chili sauce and will try it with the chicken next time.


The rice pilaf is wonderful, and I am not normally a rice person.  Since it is under the skewer it gets some of the sauce you chose and that adds to the flavor instead of detracting from the rice.  In addition you get a very tasty cucumber salad and a soft, grilled pita bread.


This whole meal is absolutely fantastic, and something I can highly recommend to others.  I am already looking forward to eating here on our next trip.  And for those with picky eaters, you can simply send them next door for pizza!



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