Park Vue Inn and Suites Review March 2011

My review from a few years ago was not too favorable of this motel, but things have changed immensely since then.


The Park Vue Inn is right across the street from Disneyland at the crosswalk.  The new lobby is stunning.  There are a few couches, a very comfortable rocking chair, free bottled water, free afternoon cookies and iced water with lemons available to all guests.


They offer several room types now, including rooms with bunk beds for multiple kids.  There are full suites for large families, and the 'normal' suite is the standard room with a half wall between the beds and the sink area.  The toilet and shower have their own room.  There as an in room safe in the closet, which was mirrored so you have a full body mirror.  The rooms also have a microwave and a pretty large refrigerator, not the standard small size that you normally get in a hotel room.


We found the beds very comfortable, not too soft, not too hard, and there were so many pillows on each bed in different styles from firm to soft.  There was also an extra pillow and blanket in the closet.


Also on our previous stay we were harassed by those people trying to sell time shares, and they had an office in one of the rooms.  This office no longer exists, and there was not one person asking us to come with them and see the time shares. 


Cold Stone Creamery is part of the motel and actually connected to the lobby.  In the rooms there is a coupon for a discount at Cold Stone.


The phone system is brand new and automated.  Wakeup calls are very easy to set, and you can set multiple wake up calls for your room.    


On our previous stay they served a continental breakfast.  This has been changed and updated.  Breakfast offerings include eggs, sausage, toast, banana, apple, orange, a variety of cereals and sodas, coffee, tea, milk and juices to drink.  This breakfast is free to motel guests and must be eaten in the breakfast area.  There is seating indoors and outdoors here.


New to the free offerings is an afternoon time period that could easily become your dinner each night.  On our arrival this dinner was macaroni and cheese.  This meal service is offered in the early evening and like the morning service you are not allowed to take food out.


Park Vue Inn does something that not many other hotels or motels do for their guests.  In fact, in all of our stays at hotels and motels at the Disneyland Resort, you don't get anything free.  Park Vue Inn obviously doesn't like that policy.


Each room is also given a gift basket.  This basket, left on the desk, contains bottled water, banana's and oranges, two plastic glasses and a bottle of wine.  It comes with a note to advise patrons to call the office to exchange the wine for apple cider. 


With the renovations to the Park Vue Inn lobby, the changes to the rooms, the addition of Cold Stone Creamery, and their commitment to giving each room a very special stay this motel has gone from a loser to a winner in guest happiness.


As a matter of fact, I don't have a single complaint about our stay in March, 2011.  With our gift basket we did change to apple cider.  When they brought the cider, they left the wine too.  We ended up not drinking or even opening either, but sure enjoyed the rest of the basket.  We are generally not at the motel in the early evening hours so never checked out their dinner service, but we did hear that it was wonderful.  The breakfast had so many offerings we really were shocked.


What we did enjoy and take full advantage of were the afternoon cookies and the free bottled water in the lobby.  The water saved us a lot of money since I drink nonstop at Disneyland.


We chose to stay at Park Vue Inn again because it was cheaper than anything else.  Now, it has become our favorite place to stay.


Now I can recommend the Park Vue Inn and Suites with a confidence that you will thoroughly enjoy your stay there.  At this time we are already planning on staying there on our next trip.  You can't beat the location, and their guest satisfaction.  The staff was amazing.  We got a big surprise when we decided to take a taxi to the airport.  They called a limo service and got us the same rate, so we went to the airport in a Lincoln Town Car. 

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