PCH Grill At Paradise Pier Review

We decided to eat at the PCH Grill on our first night at the Paradise Pier Hotel. We called for priority seating shortly after we checked into the hotel. Upon our arrival we were given a common buzzer type alert to let us know when our table was ready. By the time we walked down to the gift store about 20 yards away it was going off.

The interior of the PCH Grill was that of a beach type laid back atmosphere that went along with the theme of the PPH. The menu did not have that many different offerings but everyone was able to find something they liked. The PCH Grill seemed to be going for simplicity from the menu to the decor.

Our food arrived rather quickly and all the dishes were decent portions. We mostly ordered sandwiches and fries. They did offer some more traditional dinner fare as well as pizza. The food was good and reasonably priced. I would consider this a good place to grab a lunch or if you do not want anything "heavy" try it for dinner.

Review written by our disney forum member Hazertmed

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