Pecos Bills Restaurant Review, June 2008

Pecos Bill Restaurant Review


Pecos Bill is a quick service restaurant that specializes in burgers and salads.  With your hamburger you have a choice of French fries or apple slices.  Sides and desserts include yogurt, various cake pieces, puddings and more.


We ate here for dinner on June 5th.  Our son was not eating much so we got him two yogurts and apple slices from one of our burger baskets.  He was then allowed pudding if he ate all of that.  It may not have been much, but it was a very healthy dinner for a 5 year old, and those options are also available for adults!


We also had 2 bacon double cheeseburger baskets, one with the aforementioned apple slices for our son, the other with French fries. Each of us also had a soda with our meals, and I had the carrot cake for dessert.


The biggest surprise here was not how quick the meals were ready, or how nice the cast members were, and Heather, who took our order, was absolutely fantastic with us.  No, the thing I most fell in love with was the salad/burger bar.  Here you would find all of the standard condiments as well as sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions, melted cheese, guacamole and more!  I was in heaven making my burger so big it wouldn’t fit into my mouth!  All of this is included in the price of your meal and is a wonderful feature of Pecos Bills.

This is a restaurant we can all recommend because of the service, the quality of food and the price.  We all enjoyed our various meals.


We chose to eat our dinner outside that evening, but there were also plenty of areas to sit on the inside of this restaurant.


Our total meal cost (do keep in mind you can use this as a quick service meal if you are on the dining plan) was as follows:


Bacon Double Cheeseburger basket with apples:           $7.59

Bacon Double Cheeseburger basket with fries:              $7.59

Pudding:                                                                       $1.19

2 Yogurts:                                                                    $3.98

Carrot Cake:                                                                $3.59

3 Sodas:                                                                       $6.27


Our total meal was $32.19 including tax for 2 adults and a child.


Once again, I can highly recommend Pecos Bills for a wonderful hamburger while at the MagicKingdom.

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