Peter Pan Review

Peter Pan is one of the best attractions in Fantasyland. The pinnacle of the Disneyland Dark Rides, Peter Pan tells a story in color, music, and thousands of twinkling lights.

As you board your Pirate Ship for this ride, you will first see the nursery of Wendy, Michael and John, with Nurse Nana sitting happily with them. The ride quickly moves you along to the next seen and you see the lights below as you fly toward Neverland. Be sure to look down, and take a close look. You can see cars moving on the streets below you!

The waterfalls at Mermaid Lagoon are simply beautiful. When Disneyland did a large refurbishment on this ride several years ago, they added all of the lighting and now this ride is the one everyone runs to first upon getting to Fantasyland.

Unlike the other dark rides, this one simply gleams because of the twinkling lights. You are not looking at storyboards here, you are looking at scenes, and they are all very well done.

Of course, the ride is not the movie, but if you know the movie, the ride makes complete sense.

Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite rides, but Alex didn't really enjoy it until this year. Now, since he has seen the movie, loves Peter Pan and Captain Hook and playing pirate, the ride is one he really enjoys as well.

I highly recommend this ride for children and adults alike. It is simply beautiful.

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