Pirates Lair Review 2007

My family had a wonderful time at The Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer's Island. To begin, we exited off of the rafts on to the island with our explorer's maps in hand as we headed to the left to find the dark and winding caves of Dead Man's Grotto. Treasures and other surprises awaited us inside the caves. 

We had a lot of fun looking for the treasure and finding special items from the POC movies. We then found ourselves at Castle Rock, where secret passageways to the king's ransom lie. At the end of the passageways we found a shipwreck to investigate. We also discovered the Captain's treasure hidden in a special cave, which was also a fun surprise.

At the end of the island, we met some of the pirates, including Jack Sparrow! Many people were in line to receive autographs and were being entertained while they waited. As we made our way around the island to the other end, we found Ambush Rock and the pontoon and suspension bridges at Smuggler's Cove. We had fun walking across the bridges, however some people insist on jumping and swinging on the suspension bridge, which may scare younger children. Pirates were lurking around Smuggler's Cove and encouraged several children to pull on a crank, where they discovered a poor soul dangling at the end of the rope who didn't live to tell his tale of treasure hunting.

As we continued on up the hill towards Lafitte's Tavern, we explored Tom and Huck's Tree house and Will Turner's Blacksmith. Both were fun to look at and my son enjoyed climbing up the tree house. Finally, we pulled up a barrel at Lafitte's Tavern and enjoyed some entertainment from pirates and sailors alike as they told us tales of their adventures at sea. We actually spent a few hours in the afternoon roaming around the island and we had a great time. We enjoyed it much better as Pirate's Lair and I highly recommend visiting the island.


This review was contributed by Lisa M, known as TotallyTigger on the Disneymouselinks.com message boards.

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