Planning A Disney Vacation - 2 Weeks to Go

So you are two weeks from a wonderful Disneyland Resort Vacation. Everyone is getting excited, and you are a bit concerned that you may forget to pack something. Well, if you are anything like me, you do a few things.

You warn all family members to be careful in the next few weeks, no broken bones, no sprains, and no injuries that would cause problems on this wonderful trip. Make sure when you warn them that you heed the warning yourself. Two weeks before my wonderful Disneyland Resort Vacation I tore ligaments in my back taking Alex out of the car seat. This was a freak accident, and it is very frustrating to know that I will not be 100% when we go to Disneyland. So, use my example, and tell your family to be careful!

I also tend to make lists. I usually begin about two weeks prior and have several lists going, all kept on the computer for ease of finding when I need to add something. Currently, I have the following lists:

1) Don't Forget, 2) Shopping List, 3) Phone numbers.

Now, those lists are pretty normal for people to use, but if you don't let me explain them. The 'don't forget' list is very important. The concern begins about two weeks prior that we will forget something important. Airline tickets, park tickets and money or travelers checks are usually the first thing on this list. Picture ID for both of us is very important for many reasons. First, you can't get onto the airplane without it. Second, if an emergency arises, you will need your ID. I always make sure to put the cameras on this list. About two days before leaving, a secondary 'don't forget' list is started. This list is for everything that needs to be packed at the last minute. For example, the blanket our son sleeps with every night. Our toothbrushes. Things we use in the morning before heading out.

The shopping list is usually for items that we need to purchase before going such as film. This year we have two shopping lists. One for here before we leave; including film, small notebooks and other little items that are needed before we go. The second list is for items we can purchase once we get there since we will have a car this year. So, the second list has items such as diapers, milk, and fruit, items that you really do not want to pack.

The final list, phone numbers, can also be expanded to include email addresses. Are you going to ride BLAB (Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters)? If so, were you aware that you can email a picture of yourself to friends and family? This is one reason to take the email address. For phone numbers, be sure to include people taking care of your house or pets, your doctor, your child's doctor. Emergency numbers. Why write them down when you know them by heart you ask? Because in an emergency it is harder to remember things you have known for years. Write them down, stick it in your wallet.

So there you have it; my lists and how they work. Now, with our vacation one week away, it isn't the checklists as much as checking and rechecking everything. So far this week I have confirmed that the car we are renting will actually have a car seat… one for a toddler and not a baby (that would be a very unpleasant surprise to find upon arrival). I have also confirmed the treats we have ordered from Vacation Planning. The airline has been called; and yes we are still in their system.

Technically the information in this article would apply to any vacation. A trip to any Disney Resort is certainly not just any vacation. It is magical. If you have a magical vacation sometime soon have a great time. I hope these tips have helped you in some way.

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