Preparing for my first Disneyland trip with a Disability: Part 3

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At this time, wheelchair's and ECV's cannot be taken into Downtown Disney unless you rented them from an offsite location as we have done.


While I have found this information to be helpful, and it came direct from Disney, I have been to Disneyland enough to know that this information is not always complete.  How do you exit some of the rides?  Toy Story Midway Mania has stairs at the exit yet an elevator is not mentioned.  Nor have I ever seen wheelchairs and ECV's parked near the entrance.  What about Tower of Terror?  Do you drive your ECV to the elevator entrance and leave it there?  So even armed with this information I still don't know everything.  But this is information I will have on our website shortly after our return, and I will link to it in this article.

This will hopefully be a one time thing for me but there are people who live with a disability that requires a wheelchair or ECV all of the time.  I have no right to complain when I remember those people, but I can certainly make their lives easier by reporting what I find out in a timely manner.

It has also occurred to me that one of my favorite things to do at Disneyland is shop, and being in an ECV this will be much more difficult as many of my favorite places simply don't have room for an ECV so I will have to disembark in order to shop.  I will have that ability, but others don't.  This is something I will find out more about and of course let everyone know.

Those Fantasyland attractions where I have to park my ECV outside bring to mind the need for the doctor's note I have.  Since I will not be in a wheelchair I will need a pass to enter through the exit on these attractions.

Back to the ECV tips I have garnered, I want to take a towel or blanket to Disneyland to keep me comfortable on the seat.  When thinking about that I also realized that while sitting in one spot if it is chilly I will need a blanket.  October should not be too bad, but it is something to think about if you find yourself in need of an ECV at one point.

On the face of it, it always looks like those in the disabled queue don't have to wait as long in line as the standard guest does.  From the research I have done, that is often not the case.  Only a few wheelchairs and ECV's can fit on an elevator or in a loading area.  The wait can be long in this case.  This is another item I will try to keep track of to let everyone know where they can expect a longer or shorter wait. 

For now, I think this is all I can do to prepare for my first trip with an ECV.  If I think of something else I will be sure to add it to the article.  The better I can prepare the better I can help you to prepare.  That's it for now though.  I hope this article has given you the information and tips that you need.

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